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    can someone supply daily or weekly list of US stocks (only those with options) that soon will release Earning Reports?

    I know, one can find such data on the web, for example here:
    but I need it as a CSV file with some more columns: MktCap, ER date, ER time (before/after mkt etc.), EPS estimate as % of last close price, last close price, last price change in %, performance% in last x weeks (for example x=13 weeks or similar), volatility%, ...

    If someone, preferrably a programmer, can deliver such data (via web or email, csv format is ok) I would subscribe to it on a monthly basis, maybe some others too... :)
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    Poor Man's Screener,sh_opt_option

    Custom Tab,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,65,66,67,68

    Exports to csv

    Once list created, recommend comparing to "Inplay" or another subscription service to catch any errors, missing times or inconsistencies. It isn't a 100%, but has worked for me in the past when I traded earnings.

    Filter for minimum avg Volume, Price > $X, etc....

    Briefing is a good product fwiw, only drawback is it doesn't export data, hence the use of finviz...

    But the two in combination I found quite effective.
  3. QuantQuote ( offers this as a custom solution. They provided this to me for free with my data subscription, but I'm sure they can also provide it as a standalone package. Just send them an email, they are very responsive. The data comes in csv format, and it includes date and time of announcement in the future.

    It is not free, but you can get the data in an automated fashion with very little effort. No need to compile or write code to organize/format it from a webpage.
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    Hmm. unfortunately the volatility filter of is somehow "weird" for my needs as it can filter only for "over x%",
    but I need "less than x%", or much better would be "from .. to ...".
    I wonder how the designer could have overlooked this...
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    Finviz is a simple tool, limited in scope and far from perfect

    My workaround was to final process the lists in Excel.

    select "any" / export / sort / select and delete undesired values