Need a spam filter for Outlook

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by brownsfan019, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Can anyone recommend a good quality spam filter/blocker that can be added onto Outlook? Please provide a link if you have one.

  2. One thing you might consider trying that has worked for me is to use the Rules wizard in Outlook to build an in house Outlook spam filter...

    Briefly you put in a new folder under your inBox - call it mySpam - and then you can set it up to send everything to that folder that comes inside your email that is NOT in your contact list...

    you do have to check it to fish out good emails but when you add them to your contact list then they don't go their anymore...



  3. socalpt


    You can use a spam filter setup from your provider before retreiving email to Outlook.
  4. Here's what I am trying now for anyone else interested in trying to slow down the spam:

    1) Increased the Spam filter where my email comes through. Since I use Outlook, I rarely go to the webmail version. By going there, I set all 'high' spam to automatically delete.

    2) I got Trend Micro's Internet Security 2007. In this package, there is a very nice Outlook add-on that I am now using. It is VERY good at finding spam (at least so far). Here's more info on their product:

    Hopefully these 2 steps will help.