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Discussion in 'Forex' started by VisionTrader, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Can some who subscribes to Forex and CME data and uses a reliable data provider take a look at the Euro FX (Euro Futures, Ticker EC) and tell me on what date you see the yearly low being made.

    On 7/8/2005 I show a low of 1.1900 and on 7/5/2005 I show 1.1902.

    Also, if you have Forex data could you do the same for EUR/USD
    I have a low of 1.1872 on 7/8/2005 and 1.1867 on 7/5/2005.

    Unfortunately, I have TS data and it always seems a little off from the esignal stuff I see.

    I would really appreciate this if anyone can spare a minute.

  2. EUR/USD spot market lows:

    July 04, 05 - 1.1869 - low.

    July 06, 05 - Bounces up to 1.2042 then drops again.

    July 07, 05 - 1.1874 - low.
  3. Thanks skalper. Do you have the futures numbers.

    Really appreciate it.
  4. I only trade spot but this may help.

  5. Thanks. I knew about this but never really poked around on here. I owe you one.

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    I get a low of 1.1906 on 7/8/2005.

    Please check out the chart from e-signal.