Need a prop firm for automated rebate trading

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by riskreward, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. I'm throwing this out there for anybody to respond to. I need a prop firm which offers low commissions for rebate trading. I would prefer a retail type account with SIPC protection and segregated accounts. I also need sterling pro as a front end.

    I know that Genesis fits the bill perfectly but unfortunately the software I'm using works with sterling only. I have offers from Golden Market and some other prop firms. Please PM me if you want to compare. Thank you.
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    We can help. I sent you a PM. We are not a prop firm but offer Customer Portfolio Margin accounts with rates volume based.

  3. Would you mind quoting some rates based on volume?
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    Sorry, one reason I can't post rates publicly is because it would be considered an advertisement by FINRA and an SEC violation unless pre-approved. Also, we don't have a set rate sheet. Every client has different requirements and needs. We tailor our rate structure to their assets, trading strategy, risk on the account, volumes and other services we provide like cap-intro and customized reporting.

    If you e-mail me a brief description of your trading business I can follow up with a phone call. The more details the better. After I know what I'm dealing with, we can discuss rates over the phone or when possible in person.

  5. all prop firms offer automated trading. You just need to program your code through the software's API.