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  1. Mirzy


    I am looking for a programmer to program something for me. I need a program that I can put in what stocks I want to buy/sell at what time and whether I want it market or at a specific price. Basically like a little tool where I do my charting in the morning. Plot my prices and time I expect them to hit and it does it automatically. Most will be done at exactly 9:30am eastern time at the open. It's not totally automated because it's not an algo or anything just specific trades at specific times which i set by charting manually so I'm assuming it's easy. Post here if you are interested. I'm willing to pay or even share profits. Been demo'ing this way for a month now and it's very consistent. Thank you.
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    You should try ButtonTrader.
  3. Mirzy


    This looks awesome, thanks. Would be perfect if I can use it with sterling, can I?
  4. Contact their support.

    And if you still need assistance, hire someone off
  5. Mirzy


    Gotchya, thanks a lot to both of u.
  6. or might help. You can combine these tools. check the out on youtube.
  7. Heh, I run my own automated trading, with several algos. One of the algo is similar to what you have, Time weighted and time specific.

    Honestly I develop that to counter traders like you but anyway, msg me if you want to know how we can collaborate. eg. Like give me your IB acct and pass for test acct and I run my program conencted to your acct and see for yourself, while i sleep :)
  8. Your TS

    Your TS


    I am CEO of IT outsourcing company whose main activity is the professional programming for forex and stock traders, portfolio managers.

    My team consists of 14 professional programmers for ****trader MQL, Interactivebrokers API, Tradestation, NinjaTrader,
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    If you are interesting in cooperation with please let us know.

    Ready to proceed your tests, communicating by skype.

    Alexander Sokhanych
    CEO Your Trading Systems
    Skype: yourtradingsystems
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    Hi Savage, did you find someone for this already? [​IMG]
  10. im no longer running it though on my IB TWS.

    Sold my shares and bought a house LOL
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