Need a place to trade in NYC

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  1. Anyone know a place where I can go to trade FX that can give me all the tools professionals use in NYC? I heard there are a few places that have recently opened up...

    Looks like the GBP/USD is making a nice Flag on the hourly...could see 186 tonight if it breaks out of the flag at the 185 level.
  2. Global FX has:

    1. A proffesional state of the art trading facility in NYC where you can come and trade

    2. A team of experienced traders that train and critique all your trades at the end of the day

    3. Three Screen set up : Trading Platform, Charts & Bloomberg Live News and Research

    4.Traders are provided with specific trading strategies and methodologies that make money

    5.Market Research from Top Banks and Institutions

    6.Matched Funding - for more experienced traders

    Other FOREX Firms:

    Just give you the ability to open an account and trade from home

    without any guidence.
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    lets see .... one dude from your firm posts he is looking for a good fx firm ... oh yes ... you answer ... its GLOBEXFX all the way !

    Global FX Remote Group, LLC
    03-22-04 11:01 PM
    -Need a place to trade in NYC -

    Global FX Remote Group, LLC
    04-29-04 12:58 PM
    Global FX has:

    read the posters names from this thread :p
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  6. How wide is typically the bid/ask spread on (say) EUR/USD for standard trading units and minis?
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