Need a partner who can get capital!!We have a profitable system

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    Hi guys

    I would like to partner with someone who can get access to good trading capital. We have developed a system for trading futures, currently compounding at around 33% P.A. (before fees). We continue testing the strategies in the live markets (real & paper money) using ninja trader and the trades are in sync with the system. Kindly note we are doing medium to long term trading. No short term...As such, what you see is what you get.

    If you would be interested or the kind of person i need, get in touch and we can move this conversation to the next level. My email is
  2. i would suggest you water it down a bit meaning:

    on the profit side i would lower that to an average 12 percent and raise the drawdown up to average -2 percent by using allocation. because no matter how much the upside is that drawdown is huge especially when you consider trading 1000's of contracts and the required margin. you can't trade big flirting with margin calls.
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes I agree with you totally... All this can be modeled by reducing leverage in the system to suit investors needs.

    However, since we are trading futures, with our strategies cash accounts for around 70%...As such idle cash acts as a hedging mechanism by investing in tbills as a hedge. And where am based it is a good hedge

    As for the drawdown, based on the system our maximum drawdown for the whole portfolio currently stand at 13.42%...As such, we are not drawing down a lot vis a vie the returns generated... The drawdown is exclusive of the 70% invested in tbills... In reality, your drawdown is way lower if analyzing it in terms of USD $1..
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    Once again. With that kind of return why don't you use your own capital and make money, if it's a guarantee why use someone else's capital when you can just use your own....
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    Dennis might be your first name, but you're no Richard Dennis.
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    Also, what were max draw down and how often? Best of luck, hypothetical looks really good.
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    Well that's not a problem because I can use my own money... However, I am limited by the number of markets you trade if you are not well capitalized... The strategy assumes you are trading selected multiple markets. You will agree with me returns are random hence need to well diversified... Me personally I can as well put up $100,000 but you need at least $2 million to be well capitalized.. .
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    LOL... Richard Dennis eventually blew up... I hedge my risks by investing 70% in treasury bills...
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    You have an uphill battle without a live track record. As others have posted, trade it with your own capital. Another route you could go is add your entry logic to a .NET assembly that NinjaTrader calls into and then you could license your system by building a licensing mechanism to your assembly. I have not done this myself but other vendors license their components as NinjaTrader add-ons.
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    Sound advise... I will definately enquire about it with ninjatrader considering I have also done live trades with them based on system recommendations... Thanks
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