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Discussion in 'Trading' started by bufferman, May 25, 2004.

  1. Hello people:

    Been trading/papertrading YM/ES/NQ.
    I would like to at least start papertrading other markets with risk/reward potential around that same area.
    Now Ym, ES, NQ move in same swings and 95% of the time their charts look the same. I would preferebly like a market that doesn't move with INDU, SPX etc.

    Are there any recommendations, suggestions?

  2. S&P large is a good market.
  3. Ditch


    :confused: Why?
  4. pspr


    Let us know if you find one that goes straight up or straight down. I'm tired of these zig zag markets, too. :D
  5. Ebo


    Watch out for paper cuts.
  6. Ehh.. I guess I'll try forex.
    I asked for somthing that has good range but doesn't move with INDU, SPX etc.
  7. FredBloggs

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    eurodollar? dont move much(range) but trends dont chop aroung much.