Need a new computer.. opinions?

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    After the last couple of days i realized i need a new computer.. i have been trading off a 24" imac with a 2nd 24" screen.. but through Vmware Fusion on windows XP..

    Interactive Brokers is my broker, i use IQfeed for data, and QuoteTracker for a platform.

    What would be a good computer for around 2 grand..

    how about this one??

    i'm sure its slightly overkill but it seems like a decent price for the computer
  2. You might tell your responders some more about your trading so that any recommendations fit.

    How many screens in future? How much do you watch at once? How fast must you respond ... etc?

    I mean the pc looks like total overkill for trading especially if you run it back to XP Pro. I wonder about slower graphics cards targeted at multiple screens ... the gamer theme seems to target maximum speed with few cores and one big screen IO.
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    well right now i have 2 24" screens would probably add another when i buy a new computer.. and would like a 4th sometime in the future..

    and i mainly day trade 3x ETF's and need a very quick entry/exit.. i usually have ~20 charts up.. and 70+ stocks in my watchlist...

    i know i dont NEED this.. but i figure what the hell i might as well get a high end computer and do it right..

    but any opinions on reliable/fast machines that can run or be expanded to run 4 monitors would be great.. i would like to keep it around $2,000 or less
  4. I too am in the market for a new computer and have explored the build it yourself option and came to the same conclusion that very little will be saved for the effort. I have two criteria, get the most horsepower and expandability i can for my money. A model i am considering is the ASUS cg5290, here is a link to the specs
  5. Make sure the B and M keys are far apart on your new puter!
  6. Looks like a real nice, heavy duty box that will serve you well for a long time.

    My only thoughts are:
    I don't see RAID
    I would not have Bluetooth (or any wireless) on a trading box
    For the money you're spending I'm surprised they don't have the Ultimate version of the OS. I'm not sure on the differences, but it's probably to do with backups, networking or the like. You can find OS version specs easily enough online.
  7. If you're going to run only 2 monitors, any modern inexpensive computer will do... no need to spend $2K. A proper workstation or gaming video card will handle it.

    If you want to run 3 or more monitors, best to choose a decent mobo.
  8. thats way more than enough!

    my question is what is the MINIMUM config (proc, mem, video etc) that would drive a simple 6 monitor trading platform? :confused:

    any opinions?
  9. That is one nice system!!! Thanks for sharing.
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