Need a Job in Chicago

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  1. I'm moving to Chicago next week and I need a job clerking . . .

    I've got a great resume but haven't had any luck searching online.

    I'm willing to work for minimum wage . . all hours . . . overninght . . whatever it takes.

    Please PM or post with any leads or suggestions. I've got experience and I know what I'm doing . . totally dedicated to succeed.
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    You do not need to clerk. You can go directly into trading (assuming that's your goal). There are plenty of prop groups (no $ required) and professional groups ($ required) that hire inexperienced traders. Years ago in Chicago, you had to start with a clerk job, but now it may not be the best route for success.
    Good luck. Chicago is a great city!
  3. The facts are this:

    1. I'm not going to find a prop job with salary . . sure I could start trading with a firm and no draw, but I need to pay for school (night classes).

    I went to a state school. I'm going to grad school but I know the chances of finding a paying job is small. Right now I can't afford to wait months to become profitable.
  4. Like I said, willing to work for next to nothing.
  5. Okay so I understand the pouring of job offers, I must be overqualified!

    On a more serious note, I'm going to be there next Wed. Nov 8th. Anyone want to outline what to expect at the exchanges? Give some guidance on what to wear? I'm going to take the CTA downtown my first day there. Do you think people will stare if I'm taking pictues? hehehe
  6. Wear a NYSE hat. :D
  7. Am I going to be a turd if I were a suit down there with patent leather shoes? I'm not a big dresser. You will usually find me in a track suit and air jordans. I've never dressed up for work and feel out of place whenever I have to wear a tie. I want to make a good impression and look like I belong down there.

    I was joking about the patent leather.
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    If your trying to get a job on the floor at the CME yes you will look like a total tool if you show up in a suit. Though I would'nt break out the sneakers till you have a job then they are fair game.

    I'm not sure about the other exchanges dress codes. I think at the CBOT they may still have to wear ties.

    One question how do you plan on getting past security at these places or do you have some in's lined up to walk you around?
  9. It's business casual or better, no casual. Say hi to Rick Santelli, he's a nice guy and a chain smoker, outside the CME alot. I got to go to the floor in Feb. It was cool and Rick is a genuinely nice guy who knows what he talks about. Unlike most on CNBC.
  10. I was just gonna take the train and walk around . . . maybe go to a place nearby and get some drinks before I head home . . . and if anyone seems approachable just start introducing myself and shiz.. . not really looking forward to it .. .not really a salesman, but I really know my stuff and NEED a job trading.

    Anyway I don't have any uh, ins. I was hoping someone may be kind enough to offer to show me around. I don't know exactly what a walk-around entails. Like I said I definately owe you. Willing to work overtime, do your projects, cover for you on my break, work through, stay late, pick shiz up. whatever. I've got no obligations except class three nights a week.

    So I'll be back (unless I hear something sooner) on Friday to update you on how it went. I plan to go down Thurs and Fri during the day. I have other appointmennts downtown on Adams St.

    Hit it up here or on PM. PEaaaaaace
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