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    I've tried several different scanners, but none of them do what I want. For example, I'd like something that shows, in order, which stocks are up or down the most in terms of % since the open. Or stocks that have gone up x% over the last y minutes with a minimum number of trades per minute. I've tried Sortwizard, but it seems to only get about half of the results it's supposed to deliver. Would First Alert be able to do this?
  2. Take a look at our scanner here are your options:

    Some specifics from your post:

    Let me know if you have any questions
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    I subscribe to Trade-Ideas, so I ran a scan for stocks up at least 5% from the open. Min Price 1, Max Price 100, Min Up from the Open 5%, Nasdaq. I got no results. Nothing else was checkmarked. Then all the sudden I start getting results for new highs. I look in my configuration, and new high boxes are checked. So I go to configure, uncheck the new highs and hit 'accept changes' and I still get new highs. I go to configure again, and the new high boxes are still checkmarked.

    I use 'Running up' and 'Running Down' but there are way too many alerts that are kind of useless, even if it's set to 10. The problem is, if you specify that it has to have a certain volume, it's kind of meaningless because good volume at 9:45 is not necessaritly good volume at 1:00. You can use average volume for a day, but you're going to miss stocks that are moving on unusual volume. If you filter for unusual volume, you miss stocks that are moving up that normally trade a lot of volume. If you filter for a maximum spread price, you're going to miss higher priced stocks.

    What I would like is something that caculates the pace--either the number of trades that are going by every minute, or the share volume that is being traded every minute. I don't see where your software can do that. Is it possible to add that feature?

    Your software ALMOST meets my needs. :eek:
  4. What you said about the config is interesting ...I want to make sure there are no bugs. Can you email your URL to me at

    I will pass your request to our dev team. If it can be done we can do it. All of our enhancements are user requests so I will see what we can do for you.
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    At the risk of sounding like a newbie (which I am), is what SocalTrader referring to a scan that would show a change in on-balance volume?
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    I also search the same scanners ...

  7. do you work for a big firm? if you do ask them to order you whisper. for under a 100 bucks its the best.
  8. Radarstation in Tradestation is the best scanner I have seen for intraday trading.


  9. CyberTrader Pro will do this. Check out the simulator.
    Not sure about the trades per minute thing but volume should do the same thing. And there is a tool to show the Ax in each stock, which ECNs or MMs are most active in the stock, and dynamic buying/selling pressure in your list of stocks. I use it to spot sector rotation early on.
    Also there is a amazing live scan based on up to 100 criteria you choose and a technical analysis scan/matrix! I am just starting to learn these ones.
  10. I subscribe to and use Trade-Ideas regularly. The product, as with any new tool, has its own learning curve. Fortunately the one for this tool is an easy slope.

    1. Your point is well taken regarding the use of average volume. Trade-Ideas has a filter that will look for Unusual volume - regardless of time of day. The filter is called the Min Current Volume. It compares the accumulated volume for the day each second and compares it the average accumulated volume for the same period for the last 10 days and will show you only stocks that exceed the comparison by whatever percentage (expressed as an index) you specify. This will greatly improve the quality of your Running Up and RUnning DOwn alerts

    More information:

    2. Make sure you are logged in. Once you create a window of your own design Trade-Ideas saves the configuration on their server for you. You can access everything you create by going to the Advanced Features from the Home Page and selecting the option, Recent Alert Windows:

    That's why its helpful to name your window in the Configuration screen. I'm sure what you are looking for is there correctly

    Good luck
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