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  1. Just starting to shift from equities/options to futures and found x_trader's charting insufficient. Can anyone recommend a good charting software + data feed? cost is not too big of an issue as long as it's worth the money. How is eSignal, CQG, Tradestation data? is bloomberg data worth it?
  2. NinjaTrader with TT feed is good.
  3. I'm already using x_trader tho. can I use the TT data feed on another charting software?
  4. I know NinjaTrader specifically supports using the TT feed, but I'm not aware of any qualifications that go along with it. Go do a free trial. I use Ninja with a Zen-Fire feed, and it's great.
  5. NT 6.0 can be feed by TT data but you will need a back fill from something like E-signal for 40-50 bucks a month. That combo will work well and NT 6.0 is open for any thing custom that you want done.
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    Tradestation is free w/ only 10 rt/month, easily done in one day. So regardless what transaction platform you use, it is always good to have, IMV.

    What's insufficient about X_Trader's charting? I have been thinking of migrating to it just to get X_Studies (MP mainly).
  7. well for one, there is only 2 days worth of data.
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    Oh I see. One good thing about Tradesation is, its historical data goes back many years, so you can pull up an intraday chart on ESU04, for instance, and download data into spreadsheet to do number crunching is you are so inclinced.
  9. I use even when I had tradestation charts

    tradestation has nice tick charts but global gives better leverage so I went with them and use the prophet charts for trading
  10. I'm thinking about CQG right now, it looks like their data quality and technical analysis is hard to beat.
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