Need a expert on API trading systems / and pattern Recognition

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    I need someone to develope a API trading system . We have data over an extened period of time and their is a pattern based upon the prior days close where orders are entered . Need someone that can not only design an API but also can anaylsis data and interpret it for system
  2. So, are you prepared to pay a 4 digit daily rate? And I am not talking of 1000 USD.
  3. You are welcome to pm me and give a bit more details about your project. We have a good codebase at SmartQuant, as well as a team of experienced developers.
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    an "API trading system" ... can you even define that?
    You want this person to design the system and find the pattern and then hand it over :confused:
  5. do you mean someone that can create a backtesting system for you?
  6. I'll code it for $100 / hr.

    PM ME
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