Need a direct access platform (Canadian)

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  1. Hi, can anyone please help me? I am looking for a Canadian platform. I tried TD Waterhouse but didn't like it. I am thinking: Thinkorswim or IB. However I read a lot of bad reviews about IB (they steal money, poor execution, etc.) and I also read in one of the older posts that future for Thinkorswim is uncertain.

    Can somebody please provide some insight? I am just beginning to trade and have been struggling to find a decent Level II platform in Canada.
  2. IB is by far your best bet in Canada.

    Those threads on IB stealing money and having poor execution are unfounded and backed by no evidence. Its a matter of when so many people use a broker there are just more people to complain about it, human nature.
  3. Thanks, I will try IB.

    What about thinkorswim? I downloaded their demo and it seems complicated but I guess anything can be learnt. Is there anyone who uses this platform?
  4. It depends if you want charting as well. ThinkSwim is a good all around but if you are looking for execution only then IB is the choice. No complains at all. IB simply works and you can do all account things online, transfer etc.
  5. I am looking for "all in one". Is IB a good choice then?

    Guys, please help me! I've been trying to select a platform for over a month and am a bit stuck here.

    Is thinkorswim a good choice?

    Why is everybody leaning towards IB? What's so special about it?

    What about any other reasonable choices? I tried TD active trader and wasn't impressed at all.

    Please, give me your thoughts???:confused:
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    they already told you IB is your best choice, but you keep asking? just go with IB.

  7. I use IB but you can also try:
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    Canadian here also

    go with IB, great execution

    charts are not good, so get some other program that gets real time data from IB TWS for charting, ninjatrader is free and charts are nice.

    I also used Quotetracker and IQchart, Investor RT for a while all of these are good options for charting


  9. I've tried IB but didn't like it.

    Currently with optionsxpress's XTEND. So far so good but it hasn't been that long yet... Commissions are a bit higher than IB but worth it IMO
  10. Thanks for replies! I just wanted a little bit more replies to make up my mind, but I guess I will go with IB as consensus is there! Thanks everyone
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