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Are resources raly scarce ?

  1. Yes... the earth is round...

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  2. No, infinite universe, infinite resources.

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  1. Trough this essay, I want to discuss with you something that bother me since a long time.

    It concerns the book of N. Gregory Mankiw : Principles of Economics 3th edition.

    I want to discuss page 3, it's first page of his writing were he will put all the axiome he is defending. So we ( as students or reader ) will not be able to ask about them.

    10 principles of Economics:

    " In short the household must allocate its scare resources among it's various member..."

    "like a household, a society face many decisions..."

    "Once society has allocated people to various jobs, it must allocate the output of goods and services they produce"

    "The managment of society's ressources is important because resources are scarce. Scarcity means that society has limited resources and therefore cannot produce all the goods and services people wish to have".

    "Economics is the study of how society manages its scare resources..."

    Where in the hell did they find that resources are scare ? Vote on the subject. Do you agree that resources are scare by nature ?

    I think that scarcity is a way of social enginering. The effects are bad it has to stop.

    How to prove that resources aren't finite?

    1st. The universe is infinite.
    2nd. You can dig as deep as you want without crossing the earth core... at least for as long as we need...
    3nd We can grow food on artificial layer ( ie building )
    4nd The energy that the universe has in itself is limitless... we just need to farm a little to be well "feeded" for ever...

    On the consumption side :

    What are the real need of an individual ? $ money ? do you really think ? to have huge power ? Babies are born naked... they come fully equiped. No option needed... the rest is salesman garbage...
  2. A country's resources are certainly scarce. I suppose you could make the claim that a country's resources aren't scarce because we could land on Mars some day and potentially find oil, but let's be realistic here...
  3. when i was at university the definition of economics was the allocation of scarce resources.
  4. Resources are obviously scarce, in an instantaneous sense, which is all that matters for decision-making by economic agents.
  5. Sir thank you for your response. I strongly respect your point view and I thank your for expressing it. It has a lot value.

    When you say that resources of a country are certainly scarce. I understand you... However you agree with me that the most important resources of a country is it's the knowledge of the people... trough it, it could even acquire the resources of others countries, or even planet like you said. Could you imagine a world without Nasa? the space being privatized... it make 30 years we went on the moon and need to wait until 2020 to come back ? did you see the evolution of the world during this time ? computerchips ? Oil extractions rates ? Deepness of field exploited ? Genetic manipulation ?

    To comeback to your point, a country should not be an economic entity. Only the keeper of the rights of it's people. By that i say that resources are exchanged and utilized by individual ( human or legal ).

    More importantly we are at the Edge of the Nanorevolution... where we will be able to make gold from rocks... the only cost will be energy... and the universe has plenty for us. So what ever the material we know how to make it artificially ( Bio fuel )...

    Even water, the brick of life cover 70% of Earth... we can do everything.

    do you see my reasonning ? Where I am wrong ?
  6. yeah I agree totally... but it's unreal... we don't know how to pause time yet. So every second you said by example there 7'000'004'423 humans on earth the next instant the number is different... same for Oil, gold, knowledge...
  7. How much of the wealth is now generated trough physical resources ? Goodwill, knowledge, scientific fact, health... and software, arts, even designs...
  8. Is it still possible today to make independant economic decision if you are not aware of the war going on for your mind ( subliminal ads, energetic weapon, induce thinking ?

    As I think not... we are at end of a system of thought who did only mistake since so long that it's seem that there is no way out of this thinking only reinforcing it...
  9. Frankly, I think you are trying to stir up a conspiracy of "social engineering" where none exists. Tried and true (an proven) tenets of economics are all based on the scarcity of resources. Hell, the most basic tenet, supply and demand, is based on the intrinsic belief that supply is NOT limitless. If it were then the would be zero demand since all of your needs would be constantly fulfilled. Let me know your observation next time you need to buy gasoline.
    How about a little advice - get past page 3 and start digging deeper into the material rather than attacking the most sacred premise in economics.
  10. I truely agree with you, I like so much your conclusion on infinity... that I ask you about the idea that at it end it depend on the time being ( instant T )... or where you are in history... or even more on which ladder of information/time...

    you will may be admitt that the people who have the most ressources today live like in the future in relation for those who have the least ? So their "knowledge" is timely different...

    The problem about gaz is exactly my point... as I am a low knowledge boy I have to rely on oil a the gaz station... but depending on the level of knowledge I have I will know thing that permit myself to move without having to buy oil, like buying jetfuel, or propane, or even making my own :) making oil an infinite resource for me... ( as I am the only one to know how to do it, no one will be competing with me for the resource )

    Your advice is the worst I ever eard in my all life... Before chosing the brick of your home it's better to scan the ground ... Do you see my point ? If everything is build on shaky ground it's wrong to go forward without stabilizing the ground...

    Only God is sacred... the rest is theory...

    So at the end I ask my self if economic didn't miss the revolutionS that happened in physics over centuries because of this STUPID (wrong) sacred promise... Our view of the Universe have changed so much and at the same time this century old sacred promise still hold...

    I hope to read your thought.
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