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  1. ok I know what I want to trade and I don't need real time I just want to trade inbetween days every day. I don't need the platform to give me any information about the stock market. does anyone know of a platform I could use to do this really cheaply? hopefully on a monthly fee basis instead of a per trade commission?
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    IB & qoutetracker
  3. whoa wait a second quotetracker is a platform and is free? or is it telling me that I still have to trade through a broker and it just provides quotes?
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    You can trade thru Datek directly from the quotetracker interface.

    They may support a few others, I'm not sure. No, IB is not currently supported.

    Check 'em out...
  5. ok do you know of any type of platform that I can trade on daily maybe on a monthly fee basis, not per trade? because I don't currently have a lot of money to invest in stocks but I want to make a few trades every day.
  6. yeah datek happens to have a 500 dollar minimum balance which I can't do and also 10 bucks a trade
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    The new SEC rules effective end of Aug require 25K min to daytrade. You're out of business partner....sorry.
  8. ok hey where did you find that? I just want to look at it.
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  10. I heard AB Watley is going to try a flat fee commission thing. I have no details about it.

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