Need a big help

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by GrafSheinin, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. I'm beginner in a FX-trading and now i got lost in a huge numbers of different software. ( It looks like a jungle for me)
    Would you help me please to find a good soft out of your experience
    Thank you:confused:
  2. cmk


    You want like a Broker or like an options analytics suite?

    Go with IB if you just want a simple and cheap broker for F/X Futures or cash.

  3. Thank you !!! and tell me please what kind of software you recommend for an options analytics suite???
  4. cmk


    Pro Opticus
  5. If u dont kno wht u want to do ,u will never do enuff of it

  6. cmk


    If you are unable to speak in complete words, go somewhere else.
  7. Now why is that?

    Anyway the point is, first figure out..wht u exactly want to do..charts,news,testing,scripting language,types of line studies etc etc and then narrow it down.If u go by the marketing hype , u will get lost.

    Best of luck
  8. Change your name fella, because it too smart and big for a small head !!! :)