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  1. Need a browser to get bookmarks organize faster. That in particular includes copying a whole bunch of them by selecting them (by highlighting all pertinent ones, just as in regular Windows) and then cutting and pasting them into another folder. IE does not do that, or at least I have not figured it out yet. I have to do this piece by piece. Netscape does that or at least it was able to this long ago when I was still using it. Any suggestions for a (preferably free) browser that could accomplish that or some other software seamlessly integrated with IE that can do this?

  2. You can do it with internet explorer .... go to the favorites folder (in different places depending on your os and may be in multiple places under 2000 or XP say) and drag and drop the favorites.

    Just open Windows Explorer and do a search for Favorites. If you have XP it will be under your main user identity but you may also have favorites in the default user folder.

    You can just drag and drop them like normal files. I pull everything into the main user favorites folders.

    If you want a better browser (faster, lighter, tabbed) that uses the same favorites you already have with IE then try Slimbrowser at
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  4. Thanks. I used to use Windows Explorer just like that and it's good that you reminded me of that. I also have had Slimbrowser on my computer, but never have used it much. Anyway, IE sucks in my opinion, as things as simple as dragging and dropping bookmarks should be done inside it. Pathetic... Netscape was much better in some respects.
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    I was (back then while on Micro$oft) a vivid fan of NetSnippets ( ) which allows not only organizing bookmarks, but also cut&copying web-pages onto your disk. Sort of knowledge management in IE. This little proggy is one of the very few I am missing here on my Unix box.

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    If you're using SlimBrowser, no need to copy IE's bookmarks... As an "IE skin" program, Slim reads them directly.

    You can find similar features in Avant Browser.
  7. A free browser. Has multitabs (VERY handy), comes with Roboform (takes aout all this redious retyping of passwords and registration forms) and a lot more. I love it.


    PS: Just search on to find it
  8. If I download one of these browsers will I be able to surf on the web ? My IE files 6 appear to have been corrupted I can't get on the web anymore. I can download Slim browser, it's only 1.5MB, copy it on floppy then install it on the infected PC.
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