Need 6 monitors, new setup, will this work?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by omaha, Mar 6, 2009.

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    I posted here about upgrading a few months ago, but things wont work

    I need a new setup, to play six screens of poker simultaneously. Nobody has answered me in the poker forums so i thought i would post here.

    My old setup had an opteron 180 running it, and it was starting to lag a bit.

    So, went to the computer shop and they suggested

    Mobo GIGABYTE ep45-edsp

    Proc Intel E8400 3ghz

    Graphics cards 9800GT + 2*8400gs

    RAM 4Gig ddr2 1006 KINGSTON (will be using xp, so will have a spare stick, basically 3gig costs the same as 4gig!)

    Hard drive 2*150gig VELOCIRAPTORS (one for os, one for hem db)

    BURNER LG dvd multilayer burner

    Power 600W psu

    Case Thermaltake m9d (has a couple of fancy LEDs which might keep me in a poker trance at two in the morning!)

    What say you about my potential future rig, fellow computer nerd addicts?

    Anything missing? Anything overkill?

    Price is $2150 Australian, $ 1385 USD (excluding monitors, keyboard, nouse, speakers os)
  2. I know nothing about online poker but ...

    1. That m'board has only two PCI-E 16 slots. How is it to fit three PCI-E 16 graphics cards ?

    2. The high speed hard drives are probably unnecessary. One 300Gb SATA drive should do the trick for a fraction of the price.

    If you want a motherboard with three or four PCI-Ex16 slots you should be looking at the new Intel i7 CPUs. (eg GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD5 with Intel i7 920 CPU) Save some money on the disks and get an i7 box. You can have a 3x1Gbyte DDR3 memory config on these.

    Get an external USB, eSata or firewire drive for backup.
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    If you want to save some cash you can run 2 monitors on your current computer and 4 on a new box and just use Synergy to seamlessly control them.

    Plus you have the added benefit of not depending on one computer if one should crap out.
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    why do you need one monitor per poker application? I can run 6 on one monitor without an issue. i have a samsung 2253bw
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    Mr J

    Which site? It's been a while since I played, but even Pokerstars let you run 4 on a monitor. I'm guessing six monitors is complete overkill unless you plan to 40 table or something. Poker forum didn't answer you? If it's not 2+2, then join 2+2. Plenty of people there with multi monitor experience.