need 22" monitor advice

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  1. I'm getting started in day trading in a few weeks and I need to get a nice 22" wide screen monitor. Any specific recommendations?

    I'll probably expand to more than one monitor after I get some experience, but I need to start with a nice quality monitor with great resolution / detail.

  2. I use a few Samsung SyncMaster 2243SWX monitors (22") - as well as some 23". They are very nice and I love them. The contrast ratio is 15000:1. I don't see other monitor models ofeering that. It means your black will look more black. LOL.

    Light weight
    Robust (survived my trips in checked in bags)
    Great color quality

    Envison is my second love.
  3. get a 24. only a few bucks more and well worth it.
  4. I second the SamSung. I've got a 20" version, but that's only because I bought it quite a while ago and it's still going strong. Shop around, and you might even be able to go for 24" Your monitor will probably outlast your PC setup (mine always does), so it pays to get a decent one. You can probably get two 22" monitors for under $600 total these days.

    I also got a ViewEra nice and cheap...first one died, but it was under warranty (always save your box for a year), so I got it replaced for nothing and the second has been fine.

    My advice is to go somewhere that has a ton of monitors (like Fryes, Best Buy, Costco etc) and then compare the prices...I've actually been pleasantly surprised about being able to buy the monitors locally.
  5. Check Dell Small Business daily, as well as Deal News for coupons, I got 3 Samsung Syncmaster 2333SW for $133 a piece after rebates/online discount.
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    Acer x223w, only $160 at Chinamart and one of the nicest pictures I've seen on any 22".

    BTW, contrast ratio means jack crap. There is no standard to measure it so companies just pull numbers out of their asses. Get something with a fast response time, this is generally a better indicator of quality than the totally arbitary contrast ratio.
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    which planet do you live on?

    ... I mean, which century do you live in ???
  8. He can get 2 22" LCD's for $350 these days and 2 24" LCD's for $400. All with top of the line manufacturer's and 1920 x 1080 or 1920 x 1200.
  9. You don't have to be such a condescending prick about it!
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    I would suggest checking out the Samsung 2343BWX, it's a 23" monitor with a slightly oddball resolution (2048 x 1152), and very cheap (about $180CND, so probably a bit less in US dollars). Bought one a couple of months ago, have been very pleased, and would easily consider picking up a couple more.
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