Need 2 etf's that nullify each other for SIPC.

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by seasideheights, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. What 2 etf's can I buy that will nullify each other resulting in me having equity in a trading account but not cash?

    S&P 500 & the inverse s&p 500?

    what's a good combination to buy?
  2. If you want direct relationship to the S+P, buy SPY and SH.

    SH is the short S+P Proshares one. If you want the double movement etfs, then buy SSO (Ultra S+P) and SDS (Ultrashort).
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    The most closely correlated are the SPY and the IVV. The spread between them moves less than 10 cents intraday.
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    another choice: buy SPY and sell ES

    you get to collect dividends on SPY and the premium (though small) on ES
  5. any other ideas?
  6. ES position is not insured by SIPC? /futures in general/

  8. can't get out intraday with mutual funds.

    How many of these inverse ETF's & mutual funds use techniques that may be problematic for liquidity?