Ned Riley, permabull....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. The de-evolution of a permabull has never been more apparent than the de-morphosis of Ned Riley of State Street Global Advisors.

    We have seen Ned pushing tech since the beginning of the bear market.

    Time takes its toll on the perma thinkers.

    Here we have Ned in a before, during, and after progression.

    The first shot is the last visage of that rat like, meat and cheese eating smile, the slicked back hair, and tan in can look. Ned is trying to hold onto the past.....and his clients.

    Next, we have Ned near his bottom, in a drunken stupor, still pushing tech, having just been served divorce papers to go with the many many lawsuits by clients who are suing him for poor market guidance.

    Finally, a shot from Neil Cavuto's tonight, where he appears just out of rehab where the grease was purged from his hair, now freshly cut by a $5.00 barber who cuts the hair of new Marines......still pushing tech.......

    My guess is he will be back in rehab within a year.

  2. rs7


    one of the all time funniest lines.....spectacular! award winning!!

  3. More than that Ned Riley is anti-Optional777. He is the devil. He doesn't believe Optional777 is GOD and he is paying for his actions.

    Optional777 Bless