Ned Gandevani S&P System

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    Does anyone have any experience with this methodology? He claims a 70% to 80% win rate with 1:3 r/r.
  2. Wally:
    I looked into this system a little bit. I think the problem is that it is difficult to gather enough information to develop a sense of confidence in the system or Dr. Gandevani. I suppose you could subscribe to the daily or intraday signals for a limited period to see how things go. I would hesitate to pay anyone the kind of money they are asking. You are looking at a minimum of $4,200 for level I and for the entire package more than $34,000!!!! For that kind of premium, I would also want to go through a due diligence procedure to determine if there are any complaints currently or in the past related to fraud. If you are contemplating investing that much money in a system, you might want to hire someone to do this investigation for you. Spending a little money now might save you a lot more later. Best Regards, Steve46
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    Thanks for the reply, Steve.
  4. His hypothetical performance lists a discretion is used to get the hypothetical at the WinningEdge site.....

    Michael B.
  5. Wally,

    Agree with steve46 regarding due diligence. No free trial? expensive...

    Finally, I think we can all agree that you can't follow the trades of a guy named Ned.

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  7. Oh I see his marketing is based on price: the more price he asks the more people think it is valuable :D

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    It usually doesn't take long to do a quick due diligence on a vendor. A quick check of CFTC and SEC enforcement actions and a swift Google search brings out the monster on the surface in 90% of cases.
  9. I gave him $500.00 awhile back for one of his services can't remember which one but at the end of the day I remember it being way to subjective and I asked for my money back with no luck ....

    I would stay away personally, unless he gives you an unconditional money back guarantee and brokerage statements as evidence.

    Except nothing less I just made the mistake of buying another course with no money back guarantee and no statements and man do I regret it.
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    Thanks for the input, Samson.

    I noticed you must have found Trader Brad in the back of the April S&C mag. Did you happen to see the add from the guy saying, "Learn from a genius. 1 week free trial. 1pt stops 10pt targets." ?

    I thought about trying it because I personally know one guy who does this consistently (about 80% correct) but won't share his methods. Surely there are others out there who do this.
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