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  1. I live in Omaha. I am new to trading and am looking for close-by veterans for advice (not on trading strategies just on the business as a whole).
  2. hi stockman, im opening up shop in omaha, within the next few weeks...what do u need to know??
  3. wabrew


    I live in Omaha - am a retired broker. Know all the tricks.

    Am bored ( too hot to play golf now ) and looking for something to do when not trading.

    What do you need?
  4. wabrew


    What do you mean - "opening shop..."
  5. I am opening up a branch office - for prop trading,
    I used to live in a Omaha, attended bellevue university for two yeards, definelty one of my favourite cities..

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    What is your background - where in Omaha will you have space ?
  7. im scouting locations, run a prop group in NYC - MIdtown- im a trader

  8. wabrew


    Just finished reading "livingstons class" thread. Need to discuss.

    My be interested - know some other 'retired' brokers who may be interested.

    Have interesting location for a shop- thought about something similar last year.

    Call me at 402-968-4694 to discuss.
  9. damn, I'm too late. I took a trading job in chicago about two months ago.
  10. hi, its too late now, but will call you tommorow after market hours, around 5 eastern time, very happy that you are interested...
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