Nearly Random Entry vs a High Probability Entry

Discussion in 'Trading' started by damir00, Sep 1, 2003.

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  1. dbphoenix


    Speaking of conceptual filters . . .

    It's not about money. I'm sure you make ten times the money I do. It's about your misuse of the term "random" and encouraging traders - beginning and otherwise - that entries aren't all that important.

    If you can demonstrate that your entries are truly random, great. If not, I'll just assume that you have no idea what a random entry is.
    #31     Sep 1, 2003
  2. damir00

    damir00 Guest

    lol. and this is tells us...what?

    if you'd bothered to do the slightest bit of research you'd have discovered i've been doing exactly that for months.
    #32     Sep 1, 2003
  3. Banjo


    Random entrys vs patterns are absurd on the face of it. There are always preceeding bars to the left of the entry bar which provide information and constitute a "pattern", no matter how lousey, for the traders mind to process and act on. When the monkey pushes the enter now button the trader would have info to work with. All that's really being said is that the trader is astute,quick enough to cut it off if it goes against him or let it ride if it moves in his favor, big deal, isn't that what it's all about?
    What's not being said is that it's possible to have a monkey generated string of losing entries break the trader even though he does everything right. Random entries make great practice exercises. A truely random entry would be one bar on the screen, no preceeding info, lol, just info after the entry. Trade that sucker.
    I am competely in the camp of entries are the game. Obviously trades have to be closed once opened. If I pick the entry inclusive of stop losses and trailing stops and the monkey picks the exits I'll still make money.
    #33     Sep 1, 2003
  4. damir00

    damir00 Guest

    you bet. let me know where you'll be posting your trades, and i'll post mine there as well. let's keep it simple: YM, 1 trade a day.
    #34     Sep 1, 2003
  5. dbphoenix


    Banjo, one of the reasons why we keep going around and around about this subject is that the "random entry" people are talking about something other than random entry. And it doesn't help that the random entry people are always bringing up some study they read about or heard about somewhere but can't provide (and which likely didn't use random entries either).

    I'm not aware of anyone who claims to use random entries who actually does so. Therefore, they draw conclusions about "random entry" which they are not justified in making. So the "debate" is largely pointless. The only reason why I objected to damir's post in the first place was because of the impression it might make on Solace. Since all of this was moved to a different thread, there's hardly any point in going on with it yet again. Anybody who cares can just do a search for one of the other umpteen threads on the subject.
    #35     Sep 1, 2003
  6. damir00

    damir00 Guest

    that's because you aren't listening. I DO. nitro says he's stepping up, so why are you backing down from the challenge?

    your words are full of confidence but your actions betray you.
    #36     Sep 1, 2003
  7. Sorry to say, but just because you cannot find an edge greater than flipping a coin does not mean it's impossible. If you claim you can trade your best by using random entries -- well, considering the subject of the post, I have no problem believing it. :)
    #37     Sep 1, 2003
  8. you are pathetic. i disagree with you, so you reply to me like that? i haven't bitched about my trading on ET in like 8 months. i've never really blown up once. i am up since the day i opened my first trading account.

    also, it does not matter how many times someone has blown up, anyway. experiencing all my trading difficulties and never giving up is why i will be great.

    i would say i am probably in the top 5-10% of traders on ET. within 5 years i will be in the top <1%.

    you are no one to attack me. i can tell you don't have a clue by the fact you're claiming one entry can be no better than another. speaking of blowing up, you probably will be soon.
    #38     Sep 1, 2003
  9. nitro


    Well, I added that it would have to be with REAL money. There is little point to doing it without it, IMHO.

    However, if you want to enter your trades in realtime in the chatroom to give it more validity than just a journal, I am there most every day.

    #39     Sep 1, 2003
  10. damir00

    damir00 Guest

    you're in good company, 95% of ET claims the same.

    so you willing to accept the challenge? nitro said he would, but db is cowarding-out as fast as he can type, so there's definetely room for one more.

    you up to it?
    #40     Sep 1, 2003
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