Nearly New Trading Computer and Accessories for Sale

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  1. Hey guys! I have a system for sale that is just 3 months old, and very lightly used. It was only used for charting / system automation on some commodity programs, and now that I'm mostly automated, I find I don't need it any longer! (my smaller system will do just fine) Here's the info:


    NaplesTech QuadStation 4i7 (i7 processor).
    -500G hard drive w/ 2nd identical hard drive
    -Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
    -Vista operating system
    -AVG installed (although was only used for trading)

    -4 Samsung 22" Monitors (SyncMaster 2243)

    -2 Ergotron Dual monitor displays (DS-100's)


    -1 CyberPower 1500AVR power supply / battery backup

    - 1 Net Gear 5 port Desktop Switch (out of box, never used)

    - 1 Falcon Systems Dual Internet Failover / Router (out of box, never used)

    All of this equipment is extremely well kept up, is all very new (bought Nov-Dec 2009), and pics are available to serious inquiries via e-mail.

    Price: package deal for $3000, and I will pay the shipping.
  2. How much for the ergotrons? I'm in Houston BTW.
  3. track:

    I'd prefer to sell everything as one package deal first. If I cannot get that done within a few weeks, then I'll split everything up and sell it individually. Reason for this is I'm in a rural area, and really don't want to make multiple long trips to the UPS store if possible.

    PM me next week if you just want the ergotrons. they are like $250 a piece, just fyi.
  4. Just want the ergotrons, no rush, if you decide you want to sell em YOU just let me know :)

    Have an awesome weekend!
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  6. You'll probably have more luck selling this stuff on craigslist. Just a thought.
  7. Craigslist is a "bottom of the barrel price" sell... at least in the Denver-Boulder area. If you're going the CL route, suggest you establish a reasonable price and be reluctant to reduce it.

    I've sold perhaps 100 items on CL. I rarely reduce my "current" asking price (Instead, I hold to a price... if nobody shows interest, I relist at a lower price.)

    Routinely, CL buyers offer lower than your asking price... even if it's already a "hellofa bargain". Virtually automatic. I almost always decline and say, "I may drop the price later, keep checking back".

    eBay is a good comparison to establish a reasonable selling price..
  8. I believe goods sell for what economists call the "market price." As traders well know, "market price" often is != "price I wish I could get."

    Umm, if your goods sell higher on eB than CL, why not use eB?
  9. Well, you have to consider eBay and PayPal's costs.. + not having the opportunity to test the item before buying (if applicable).

    I've sold some items with warranty support... hard to do that if not local.

    I recently sold a fairly high-end video card on CL for $560. The going price on eBay was around $600, but I would have had $40-$50 in eBay and PayPal fees. They buyer knew that and offered an appropriate bid.
  10. thanks scataphagos and others.

    Will consider CL, just not sure how much interest a higher end computing system will generate outside of the trading world. Not many businesses out here in rural TX that need this kind of processing power.

    Will try it out though.
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