Nearly Half of Black Men at New York City Found Jobless

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  1. Israel is a country....Africa is not.....BTW....Why is it so important what happens in Israel??? God doesn't exist in your mind, its a bunch of religious baloney so why is the happenings so important to your Jewish half????? what is your connection to the Jews in Israel????? Come on tell the truth
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  2. Africans are from Africa. Being African is being a member of a race, and having a national identity with one or more of those countries in Arfica. Do I really need to explain this to you TM.

    I care about my people in Israel. I have family and friends there. Yes I hate the religiosity, but those idiots are still my people, and when it comes down to it, if I'm forced to choose a side, I will shoot those fucking Palestinians dead. And even though they are highly genetically similar to the Jews.

    One can say being Israeli is being a part of a nation and a race. Do you know that all Jews have immediate rights to live in Isreal? Do you know about the six day war?

    Any other questions?
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  3. Wow!!!! You need to find God little man and get some anger management classes going....FYI....Why does Israel claim they are the owners of the land?? Didn't God say they are entitled to it? if not for the religious apsect of Israel....wouldn't South Florida make a better place to set up their nation?
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  4. "You need to find God little man "

    Yeah that's what they all say! LOL. Florida wasn't availbe for conquering. And yes, they are religious idiots, but in a different fashion than you and ART.

    You need to start with Nietzche and progress with Wittgenstein, then on to Satre, then Derrida, then Deleuze, then Foucalt, and end it with the nice Comte de Lautremont. Your feeble little brain with grow so quickly it may pop! POP.

    You big god idiot. BTW, I've done the anger management thing. It's as stupid as any self help book.

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  5. ElCubano


    get of dem asses and work...father no father..just work for crying out doesnt need a father or a mother or a gay couple for that matter.... and if you cant start at the top them start at the freaken bottom....peace
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  6. 1/2 a jew, you must be really really short.
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  7. HA HA. I'm surprised you replied to that instead of my other comments. Yes, my mother is a Jew, and my father is Anglo- Saxon, and Celtic.

    Hastily formulated replies result in embarasing attacks at my grammar.
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  8. nice cover took you a while to get it:p ...if you watch the naked gun and airplane movies or any mel brooks you would understand quickly...put down the books and pop in some young frankenstein or blaxing saddles tonight:D
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  9. you should go directly to amazon and buy your first good book
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