Nearly Half of Black Men at New York City Found Jobless

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    Ugh. JAMIE Lee Curtis.

    Is that a wig on Tony?

    nitro :D
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  2. Quote from nitro:

    Have you guys ever seen that movie with Tony Lee Curtis where she changes bodies with her daughter?

    Oh what I would give for that to really take place between a white man and a black man, or a man and a woman, or a jew and a palestinian, etc etc etc...

    All the philosophizing would come to an end, and real understanding would happen.


    In response:

    A little off the topic.
    If those jews and pals knew how genetically similar they're.
    And especially the darker skinned mid easterners, they are so similar, but yet they are extremely divided by false race isues. Even if we publicized this point throughout the mid east the people's religious beliefs wouldn't permit them to believe the science.

    And ART, you're a jerk. One minute you're a whip wielding KKK member, prior to that you were a good christian, and now you're in support of ways to end racism. You're schizophrenic.

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    _IF_ they knew? They are BROTHERS for sure, probably as far back as Cane and Abel if the Bible serves history accurately.

    I believe most jews and palestinians know this.

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  4. Instead of most I would guess some, yet nearly all disregard this info anyway.

    I've noticed we share many last names. They are darker because we left the desert for a Europe, they obviously didn't. But structurally we are very similar. They have big noses too. Except of course Jews have accomplished much more than palestinians, at least as far as intellectual endeavors.
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  5. Thanks! But I don't know about the conclusion there. Those who beat the odds seem to do it in an amazing fashion. The rap community has made enormous amounts of capital. Someone told me, too much to fail with. For me the jury is still out. :)
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  6. Well, it doesn't even take one parent, if you're going to look at it like that.

    The point is, kids do not automatically know what is best for them or how they should develop. They need the guidance of responsible, mature adults; both male and female. I am stunned, actually, that the absence of a father figure in the home to set an example and guide and, hell, just to give some fatherly love, can be so easily dismissed.

    In fact, if one does dismiss the absence of father figures in so many black (and white) households as a significant contributing cause of lesser socio-economic development for children growing up in such households, then what are alternative explanations?
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  7. = "Soul Man"
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    Re: NA

    Quote from spect8or:

    Question: would you agree that the very high rate of blacks being raised by single mothers (not to mention illegitimate births, which I could also quote stats on) is a leading cause of the failure of significant portions of the black community to raise their socioeconomic well-being?

    As Canyonman00 is the only person to reveal himself as African American, I am greatly interested in his thoughts and obversations on this topic. However, I am not clear on what your exact feelings are. I gather you don't accept the logic that one parent families is "a leading cause of the failure significant portions of the black community to raise thier socioeconomic well-being".

    QUESTION: Do you believe that there has been the failure that Spect8or mentions?

    1. If so, what are the chief causes in your opinion?

    2. If not, why are so many like Spect8or recognizing "failure" per se. Are they using a cultural yardstick ill-designed for the African Americans?
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  9. someone hiring :-/
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  10. Yeah.....The NBA, The NFL and Florida State University:D :D :D
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