Nearly Half of Black Men at New York City Found Jobless

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    I agree....
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    great post...good points.....
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  3. Not to get too far off topic...but ElCubano, why the hell do most Cuban-Americans tend to support the draconian economic sanctions against Cuba??? It's done nothing to overthrow Fidel, and it just makes the lives of your brothers in Cuba much harder.
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    I totally agree with is absurd and in fact helps fidel keep his grip...not only does it hurt my brothers it hurts the US farmers as well....I have no idea why some exiles dont see this...peace
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  5. "There is nothing more painful to me than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then to look around and see someone white and feel relieved." -- Jesse Jackson, 1993

    Racism comes in all colors.


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  6. Black people will not accept the charge that they are racist concerning whites. Their position is that racism is a majority racial group exerting power over a minority racial group and denying opportunity to the minority group. By this criterion, blacks cannot be racist against whites.

    The charge of reverse racism, of course, is a description of the contempt and anger that whites (accurately) feel many blacks have toward them, as well as the white person's physical fear of the black man/woman on the street.

    Africian Americans have had enormous impact on the social, cultural, and political fabric of the country, and I feel that thier potential talents and contributions to this country have yet to be anywhere near fully realized.

    Still, the black community has to heal itself of so many defective and delinquint behaviors that plague it, especially in the area of rasing children and creating stable families. Without a stable family, their cycle of missed opportunity will scarcely ever end.

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  7. As long as individual A continues to deny the rights of individual B...

    its pretty silly to expect individual B to not expect change nor to be aggressive in getting that change.

    Do you know how many ethnic groups in the world that are oppressed you know how many times in the last 10 years that someone in power has attempted to "terminate" a different ethnicity to their own?

    To call a group in general terms that has been oppressed or abused as racist while there are a few individuals still walking around with the protection of freedom to say they should be exterminated...

    is a bit silly to me.

    Here's something to thing about...when I was growning up...there was this bully that put the fear in all the neighborhood kids...

    To write about the kids inability to get over something while not discussing how to stop the bullying is an insult to those kids.

    I raise this issue because once there was a street meeting by the parents about what was occurring in the neighborhood...

    After about an hours or so of discussion about how the kids should just walk away, ignore, tell the parents when this other bully kid did something...

    One parent said..."we are going about this in the wrong way...why don't we just stop the bully because its in insult to the kids to tell them what they should be doing while we say nothing to the bully".

    You know what...the parents all marched over to the house of the bully kid...they had a vivid discussion with his parents...

    Basically, if your kid attacks my kid again...we will hold you responsible and take appropriate action.

    Guess what...the bullying stopped and their were no more discussions about how the oppressed kids in the neighborhood should behave.

    My suggestions to write about how society should rid itself of those that oppress...

    Simply, my point is of the most effective methods to help someone to overcome racism...

    is to stop the racist activities.

    Remember my prior statement about the guys that told a new employer (black woman)..." can bring the watermellons."

    How effective and what is the purpose you'll be accomplishing to preach to her about her behaviour when racist comments are thrown her way?

    Back to the bully kid...about 2 years after that parent meeting...right in front of our house...two older teenagers not from the neighborhood were kicking his butt...a vicious beating...

    we watched and did nothing to help him.

    That's an example of something in society that has gone wrong...that has gotten twisted into inappropriate reactions.


    This is a hillbilly statement.

    If you think minorities (blacks) are the only culture in America with broken families...your misinformed.

    How many couple do you personally know that are divorced, single mother, raising a trouble teenager, parents working so hard they aren't home to properly raise their children, kids hanging out on the streets late at night...

    I think every culture in America has this problem.

    We should address this as an issue about all families...

    There's been some well documented stories on TV's about this issue and they weren't about just blacks...

    My point is this...broken families isn't just a black issue.

    Which culture in America...based on documented cases of incest...has the highest numbers of such cases?

    Oh...we don't want to go there.

    To do so while ignoring the fact that its a social problem in America and not a culture problem in America would be doing what the media does via exploiting a piece of information.

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  8. Nihaba,

    I generally like your attitude on this.

    But I think you need to provide some hard stats.
    I sense your glossing over the numbers and ignoring the
    bigger picture on purpose.

    I know your a stats type of guy, so how about some stats
    to back up what your saying??

    Nihaba:If you think minorities (blacks) are the only culture in America with broken families...your misinformed.

    I think we can all agree they are NOT the only culture
    with this problem. The way you worded your statement,
    it always has to be true :)

    But the real issue is, does any one group have this problem at a
    disproportionately HIGH rate?

    How about some numbers?

    Per capita number of broken black families?
    Per capita number of broken white families?
    Per capita number of broken asian families?
    Per capita number of broken mexican families?

    Everyone can point to examples of racism by all groups.
    Everyone can point to examples of a minority making it
    against all odds and achieving success.

    But discussing this with nothing but anecdotal evidence is
    pretty worthless. How about some numbers guys?


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  9. There are more black males in prison than in college.
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  10. now lets compare to other groups.

    What percentage of blacks are in college versus prison?
    How about whites?
    How about asians?
    How about latinos?

    Know whats funny? When I attempt searches on
    racially based stats I get a bunch of white supremist crap :D
    They love quoting all the negative numbers when associated
    with racial groups.



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