Nearly Half of Black Men at New York City Found Jobless

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  1. The white man in power has always had a solution for the problems of the black man.

    Whip it, whip it good.
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  2. Maxpi,

    There's more to the U.S.A. than Southern California.

    I remember one day I was talking to a software designer in Seattle...

    She's black and had recently moved from Southern California (I believe she lived there for 15 years).

    Yet, she was raised in Chicago not far from a place called Cabrini Green.

    She told me that she doesn't go to her office parties because a co-worker that's popular had made a racially sensitive remark to her in front of other co-workers during her first week of employment...

    Something like..."at our next office can bring the watermellons".

    Now...her reply was..."its individuals like you that perpetuate the pain".

    She reported the incident to her boss...he told her how harmless the guy is, how hard of a worker he is, how well-respected he is, there's never been any complaints against him by other co-workers and that he does volunteer work at the homeless shelter and surely most at the shelter must be black kids...

    He obvious doesn't have a problem against blacks.

    Note: I myself did volunteer work at a homeless shelter for street kids in Seattle...1 out of about 25 homeless kids were black...not the other way around.

    He then told her if there's any thing else bothering her...he has an open door policy.

    She documented the incident and then put it aside except for one thing...

    She doesn't socialize with her co-workers (parties, get to gethers, lunch breaks et cetera) because none of them defended her that heard the comment...

    Whom does she socialize with...people at Hiking club (all white), her husband speed bike buddies (whites and one hispanic guy)...

    she basically socializes with anybody but those at her job.

    She told me that her co-workers know very little about her personal life thinks the reason why she doesn't socialize with them because she's got a problem with white people.

    Maxpi, just because you see the few blacks at your job socializing with white co-workers...doesn't necessary mean they have a problem with white people...

    It could be something as simple as them having a problem with their co-workers.

    Also, someone once told me the most racially prejudiced people in the USA by far was the Aryan Nation or something like that.

    Maxpi...I know for fact your truly misinformed when you say the black culture insists on not joining the greater culture...socially.

    If that were true...then the following I've seen with my own two eyes are an illusion...

    1. Blacks and Whites interracial relationships...

    2. There are black athletes breaking ground today in white dominating sports like hockey, swimming, tennis, golfing, TV journalism, CEO, board of directors of major US companies, doctors, engineers, democrates, republicans, military leaders, entreprenuers...

    most of them did it without ever mentioning the race card to get where they were.

    3. In my pre-med study students from poor backgrounds, middle-class background, upper class backgrounds didn't walk around being anti-social, anti-white...

    Yet, they did walk around with a thinking that "I'm cool with you as long as you treat me fairly."

    4. I've seen more blacks attacked by whites than whites attacked by blacks...

    If your getting opposite stats about the above from the media (TV or whatever)...your misinformed.

    Note: When I use the word attacked...I'm not talking about just physical violence.

    5. Where I went to high school...the hispanic or latino students got slapped with all the ignorant sterotyping images about their culture such as anti-social, resentful, ...

    6. Black businesses is one of the fastest growing areas of self-employment in the U.S.A.

    Heck...when I was a kid...there was this kid (black) that had a monopoly on the grass cutting in the neighborhood...charging $5 bucks per lawn...

    Today he's now an Architect (owns his own firm)...employs whites, hispanics, blacks, asians, biracials and a few others...

    Maxpi...I can go on and on and on...

    The fact is this...blacks have been insisting on integrating into areas of the U.S.A. that use to be considered off-limits, not allowed, not the norm, too demanding et cetera... should get out more and see what's going on all over the U.S.A.

    Here's another story...I remember when I worked at UPS as a student...another student (pre-law) said something about another student to me...

    He said..."that's one lazy ni#@er" after seeing the guy clock in late by 5mins for the 3rd time that week.

    I replied..."he's working 2 jobs about 30hrs a week...taking a full load of classes...gets good grades and is the group leader of my pre-med study group...I'll make sure he knows how you feel".

    When I notified the other guy (pre-med student)...his response was "guys like that will never allow blacks to heal".

    Wake up Maxpi...racism is still won't go away and it will still attempt to keep cultures imprisoned...

    Therefore, in my opinion...

    The biggest enemies of the greater American culture are those that make false generalities about blacks or any other culture.

    Further, I've lived in a mostly black neighborhood and I've never seen a white person beaten by blacks...

    Heck...even the black cops in the area didn't harass the white residents.

    I've also lived in a mostly white neighborhood and attended mostly white universities...I've witness over a several dozen racial verbal attacks and three racial physcial attacks...

    initiated by white residents, white students and white cops...

    against blacks. mentioned sociology studies...

    My best friend a current Sociology Grad student (daughter of a owner of a famous U.S. company that's now a franchised name) told me from her studies, her internships, her books and her own white background of Upper class...

    The most racially prejudiced people in the U.S.A. are not blacks and this is an illusion created by the media (TV, newspapers, radio et cetera)...from my own personal experience growning up in different cultures...

    She's correct.

    What can blacks do about?

    Keep on joining and integrating while trying to ignore people like YOU that refer to them with words like...

    Going No Where
    Going to make it?

    Wake up Maxpi...there are blacks succeeding in all areas of America...

    they probably won't have a problem with you unless you say or do something to them...that's unfair.'s an interesting website that I feel may contain some useful information for you or for those that think the way you do...

    The above website may help you to examine your own obvious bias and help you to overcome them. is another fact...

    1. California leads the nation in the number of existing hate groups.

    2. Most hate crimes committed in Southern California are against minorities...

    by what you call the greater culture.

    3. Most of the racism (racially motivated incidents) in Sourthern California are occurring in the rural areas that are rapidly changing.

    Simply...diversity isn't appreciated in those areas. are your first few sentences...

    I don't need a college education to read between your lines...its that subtle crap like that that's the real enemy of America.

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  3. we don't live in a socialist society. in a capitalist society there must be socioeconomic differences. An example of these differences is unemployed people in contrast to millionairs.

    If you want everyone to have a US job and a decent level of pay then maybe what you really want is a form of socialism. I prefer capitalism. Some must be poor and ignorant , and some must die so that you and I may live happily ever after.

    Job outsourcing is in order for the US to remain competetive. There doesn't seem to be any alternatives to this fact.

    Without minimum wage laws we would have a lot more poor people as people would be forced to work for less. I think minimum wage laws were desinged for reasons such as this.

    I've no pity for anyone that cannot keep up with the fast paced highly technological society such as we have in US. Blacks need to get over their general problems already. They have few excuses left. It's their turn to take advantage of equal rights, and especially in states such as NY.

    Blacks can blame their postions on racism until the end of time, but until they change their attitudes.... Life is too short to posess excuses and blame.
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  4. Come on, who is having 5 kids with 5 men, all of whom don't are not fathers?

    "Whitey keeping us down."

    Dereliction and deliquincy is keeping the black man down.

    The Korean man, well he is 96% employed. And he can hardly speak English.

    Unless the Black community takes responsibility for itself, they won't shuck the yoke of historical oppression.
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  5. __________________
    "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away."--Henry David Thoreau

    Reply: With all respect due to Thoreau, in response to the quote. If a man wants to step to his own music he has every right to, but unless his unique steps have marketability, the person shouldn't expect to be paid for them.
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  6. The white man in power has always had a solution for the problems of the black man.

    Whip it, whip it good.

    Being a racist, and we all are, is one thing, but you're a fucking KKK member aren't you? And doesn't your above posted statement go against your religious beliefs?

    Also, I'm half Jewish.
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  7. America still has some racial problems, no doubt.

    ...but check out the odds on the 2004 World Series of Poker main event (moneyline format):

    1 PHIL IVEY +5500
    2 JOHNNY CHAN +7500
    3 ERIC SEIDEL +8000
    4 TJ CLOUTIER +8500
    5 HOWARD LEDERER +8500
    6 LAYNE FLACK +9000
    7 GUS HANSEN +9000
    8 HUCK SEED +12000
    9 DAVID PHAN +10000
    10 CHIP REESE +9000
    11 TED FOREST +10000
    12 DAVID CHIU +10000
    13 SCOTTY NGUYEN +10000
    14 SAMMY FARHA +10000
    15 DEWEY TOMKO +10000
    16 HUMBERTO BRENES +10000
    17 BARRY GREENSTEIN +11000
    18 MEL JUDAH +11000
    19 JOHN JUANDA +12500
    20 MAN (THE MASTER) NGUYEN +10000
    21 PHILL HELLMUTH +11000
    22 AMIR VAHEDI +11000
    23 JOHN BONETTI +11500
    24 ALLAN GOEHRING +14000
    25 PAUL (ESKIMO) CLARK +12500
    26 MIKE LAING +14000
    27 TOTO LEONIDAS +12000
    28 JIM LESTER +14000
    29 SURINDER SUNAR +12500
    30 DOYLE BRUNSON +12000


    A black kid, Phil Ivey at 55-1, getting more respect than any other player in the world. Beating all the whites & asians at their own game. I love seeing shit like that.

    P.S. I've met Ivey, but never had a political discussion with him. (Poker & politics don't mix very well.) ...but how much you wanna bet that he ISN'T a fan of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton? The successful Blacks never are. :cool:
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  8. Hi Rearden,

    I won't bet against you...recent polls have among blacks have 36 percent as conservatives, 34 percent as moderate and 29 percent as liberal.

    I think those numbers are from a survery by the New York Times.

    Black republicans is one of the fastest growning in politics...

    They are more educated, more wealthier, more independent, more self-reliant, family orientated and mentoring other blacks to rise up and be heard than their counterparts and beginning to give back to their communities that they grew up in...

    Rearden, an example of the above...

    I mentioned earlier about a black kid that grew up and started his own architect firm...he was educated at a well-known university for academics (Princeton)...

    He has helped and sponsored 3 drop outs (blacks) go back and get their high school diplomas (equivalent)...

    He's sponsoring their college education...all 3 attended junior college and got top grades and are currently enrolled and doing well at Univ of Michigan, Univ of Southern California and University of Illinois...

    He once said to me..."Affirmative action and White corporate America is's time for a change and this is my way causing that change."

    Oh yeah...he doesn't like guys like Jesse Jackson.

    Some people and a few here at ET have said that Blacks needs to take responsibility

    To those...guess what...let me bring you up to speed in case you missed it...

    The majority of blacks have and are becoming more powerful as they integrate throughout America and begin reaching back to help those in their communities before those individuals become another negative statistic or a reason to pertuate the opinions of the misinformed about what's going on in the overall black culture.

    New Black Conservatives and they're no longer whispering in the dark.

    P.S. In college I would often have conversations (beer and pizza) about cultures and politics behind such with my roommates...

    We were diversified among, poor, middle-class, whites, jewish, black, german, india, students on athletic scholarship, students on academic scholarship, working students, heterosexual, bisexual, sociology, genetics, psychology, chemistry, pre-med, pre-law, art and marketing...

    We sometimes had all night discussions about stuff like this and I just got off the phone with friend that's a grad student in California about this thread.

    Good night all.

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  9. The most racially prejudiced people in the U.S.A. are not blacks and this is an illusion created by the media (TV, newspapers, radio et cetera)...from my own personal experience growning up in different cultures...

    I would argue that black against white racism is rampant, and more accepted than white against black racism in places such as where I live, in Berkeley California. I've personally recieved a lot of racism from black people because of my white skin. I had two black teens drive me off the road last summer. Also last summer a group of teens directed racist slurs at me in attempt to get me to fight with them. In both cases I did not a thing to provoke these people.
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  10. rowenwood,

    I don't live in Berkeley therefore if you say black racism towards non-blacks is rampant in Berkeley...

    then it must be.

    Just the same...if someone told me that white racism towards blacks is rampant in Mount Vernon Washington...

    then it must be.

    Just the same...if someone told me that italian racism towards greeks is rampant in some other part of America...

    then it must be.

    Hate crime is everywhere in the world and we all have stories of injustice.

    How we react to such racism...may or may not make a difference.

    Me personally, I don't tolerate it from anyone and at the same time...I will try to understand what's causing it knowing that such understanding may make a difference for me or someone else in the future.

    A state trooper I know in the Seattle area once told me that most of his arrests are black youths.

    (Note: He's white and married to a black female and is very active in the black community.)

    I asked him why do the stats show blacks being arrested more...

    He replied...stats are related to the area you live in or the environment of the crime that's accessible by a particular culture.

    For example...he told me most arrests in child pornography are of older white males.

    Most arrests of women prostitution is of white females.

    Most gay hate crime arrests are of young white males.

    Most crime within the university dormitories including hate crimes are committed by whites...

    Most rapes on campus are committed by white males but we all know which rape crimes the media will exploit (black athletes)...

    Most auto breakins on the college campus are committed by blacks...

    Most serial killers are white...

    Most internet crimes are committed by whites...

    Most hate crimes in Washington state are committed against minorities...

    In some areas based on demographics, ethnicity, environment...those numbers may be completely opposite from the overall statistics.

    He told me as a police officer...they watch people who are known to commit crimes in particular areas and such reflects some of the info he told me above...

    In the Tacoma Washington area more blacks are arrested than whites...even for hate crime...

    Drive northward to the Seattle Area...the ratio of Blacks arrests to Whites shrink dramatically...

    Drive further northward to where there are less blacks in the communities like in Mount Vernon Washington area...more whites are arrested in comparison to blacks...including hate crime stats.

    Back to those overall stats for the state of Washington

    Most violent crimes committed in the work place are by white males...

    Most home burglaries are committed by black males...

    Most drive-by shootings are committed by black males...

    Most corporate crime are committed by white males...

    My point is obvious...many cops do profiling because they know the stats.

    Therefore, if I was looking to watch some kids in an area that's known for auto break-ins...I probably will be keeping a close eye on the black youths in that area.

    Just the same...if I was looking for securities exchange fraud...I probably wouldn't be watching a mail room clerk that's black nor the black office manager :cool:

    Crime is may be rampant among a particular group dependent upon where we live or what's accessible to us.

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