Nearly Half of Black Men at New York City Found Jobless

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  1. To me there is a correlation between the high unemployment rate in one of the most liberal states among one of the most liberal people groups.

    I believe in the jokes thread there was a reference to the blue states having the highest welfare rates.

    If I were an unemployed black in New York I would seriously be questioning the dems about what they had done for me other than keep me where I am to continue to vote for them to fix the problems they promise to fix. Problem is if they fix the problem then there is no need to vote for them anymore.

    Keeping people down just to be able to be elected on promises is almost criminal.
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  2. nitro


    So true! You gotta be aware of all the issues.

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  3. maxpi


    Each political party has their own favorite minority people. The Democrats favor the Blacks and the Republicans, who are employers, favor Mexicans. Why is that? Mexicans work, they have family values, they are not looking for a handout or a favored position and they will work two jobs if that is what it takes to make ends meet for their family. I live in Southern California, I speak Spanish as a second language and I work, and I know lots of employers, believe me I know what I am talking about here. Resent against Caucasians is not a big thing with Mexicans, not withstanding that most of the illegals are Indians.

    I work in a high tech corporation with 1500 employees at my location. I can count the black employees on one hand. Among that small number are the most resentful, uncooperative, "you owe me because the Democrats said so" people in the whole place. The Democrats have made blacks the biggest enemies of the greater American culture and until blacks get over the resent they are going NOWHERE.

    Sociological studies show that the most racially prejudiced people in the USA, by far, are the Blacks. Why is that? Because it is encouraged. The Democrats have raised "get corporate whitey" to a political platform. Now I want somebody to tell me how a small culture that hates the greater culture around it and insists on not joining the greater culture socially, with the greater culture providing nearly all the jobs, is going to make it?

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    I agree 100% again. The inflow of immigrants to this country is unreal. People will die trying.

    Obviously, the economy can only suppot only so many low paying jobs, but clearly that number is not there yet, as we are exporting massive amounts of jobs. So somethig else it at issue here.

    Ugh, it is a super difficult question, but what I see is that the government is at war with it's own people, but perhaps not it's fault either. It may be doing what it needs to in order to stay competitive in the now VERY GLOBAL ECONOMY.

    I wish I knew more. I have about five books on the subject on my to read list, but I don't even have time for anything but trading these days.

    nitro :( :( :(
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    You are sooooo right about some things, and so wrong about others.

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    I agree 100%. This country is at war with it's own people.

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    The educational system in the inner cities is still too rooted to the ideological iceberg that "you can be anyone you want to be." True. No one will deny that black physicians and attorneys are more and more common place. But reliance on the philosophy that life is an economic all or nothing afflicts both white traders and black teenagers.

    Many Eastern European immigrants come to the States from well educated backgrounds. Any of us who live in NYC or Chicago find remarkable the lofty university degrees and prior work history of even the humblest taxi driver. Yet when is the last time anyone has gotten into a Chicago cab that's being driven by a 25yo American black. immigrants have found that changing a valve, laying some tile, cooking on a hot grill....all provide relatively good incomes. In the U.S. vocational is a dirty word.

    I remember reading a story a few years back about a Chicagoan who was upset that his grandson had heard from his teacher, "you don't have to shine shoes." That student's grandfather was shining at O'Hare to the tune of 60k a year! Until we foster a society that deems it noble to work as a salesperson, or a nurse, or a delivery driver, instead of glorifying wealth and consumption 24/7 we're going no where. I truly hope for a 1930's type depression someday just to see how the excess's can be washed out of our (mine) materialistic little brains.
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    My Gawd, I don't think I have ever seen so many posts in a row that I agree with!

    nitro :eek: :eek: :eek:

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    Pabst for Mayor of Chicago!

    If only they would listen Pabst, if only they would listen.
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  10. I believe there are some interesting opportunities in Haiti for these unfortunate, "out of work" gentlemen.
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