Nearly Half of Black Men at New York City Found Jobless

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  1. Lots. There is a blanket attitude of anything but republicans in the community. I have a friend who is a teacher at a black high school here in Chicago. She took a survey of the kids in her history classes. She put together a phantom seven paragraph position paper and titled it "Democratic position." She then reorganized the info and the paragraphs and titled that compilation "Republican Position." She handed it to the students and asked them to vote for which party had best expressed issues of the poor and disadvantaged communities based on the position papers. The democratic paper was voted for by 85% of the kids.

    She then asked them what they based their decisions on. She got reply's like this:

    1. To vote republican makes you a sell out to the race.
    2. My family is democratic so that's the way I voted.
    3. Republican are just most of the richer white folks, so they really don't care.
    4. Democrats provide jobs for our community so we need to vote for as many of them as we can.
    5. Democrats are for civil rights issues and republicans aren't.

    Frightening? To me it is. I say, if you place all your eggs in one basket, you can't really complain if none of your eggs are in the other baskets. This is but a snapshot of a larger issue though. Hopefully times are changing. I do see evidence of some broadening of opinions. Many of my peers are pissed about it, but they too are starting to think differently. :)
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