nearly every girl is a goldigger

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  1. guys go for the hottest girls they can find and girls go for the richest guys they can find..........i used to think this was just a stereotype but now all the evidence supports that this is natural law

    an example:

    ^^ notice she doesn't say: be nice, be funny, fuck me hard, compliment me.........she says buy me this, buy me this , buy me this............and this aint some ghetto chick.......she is very educated and smart.
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    she aint all that. i think maria is much better than her. people say maria is not as hot now. show me a pic in which she is not
  3. This thread is going to chit chat.

    Before it does, let me give something to think about.

    Natural selection is real. Women need the safest environment to raise kids. That tends to correlate directly with wealth. Men want to have robust kids that are likely to be able to find mates themselves. This tends to correlate directly with attractiveness of the female.

    Do not become upset because women seek a secure mate. As a father of two daughters, I think the term golddigger is very unfair to them if I teach them to seek the best possible candidate they can find to raise kids with. The best possible candidate is likely to be financially stable.

    When women aim for the gazillionaire, they are simply hedging their bets.

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  4. Sad but true.

    "If you don't have money, you won't get the supermodel, the snob, or the sophisticated chick. You'll get the housewife. That isn't so bad because chances are she can cook and clean.

    If cooking and cleaning abilities aren't what you look for in women, I suggest you get yourself a real job. Otherwise, what will you pick up Monica Bellucci in? Your Ford Escort?"
  5. Well heck boys, you all are traders arent ya??? Make some fuckin money then! :D
  6. no, they'd rather hook up with a sweet looser who can't find two nickels to rub together .. and live their life in blissful poverty. how dumb are you :D
  7. Well said!!!
  8. 12 Ways Men Have Become Sissies

    "3- Men complain
    Remember when Don Corleone said to his godson, "You can act like a man! [Slap] What's the matter with you?" You aren't the only one. It struck a chord with a whole generation because it summed up what whining, bitching, moaning fools we've become. Complaints come left and right nowadays -- coffee is too cold, service not fast enough, distance too far. Shut the hell up. Hand in your testicoli now and go buy a bra. Accept that life isn't perfect and move on."
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    'guys go for the hottest girls they can find and girls go for the richest guys they can find'

    true for guys wanting hottest gal but not true otherwise, i think, given more and more women make own buck these days.
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