Nearly 40% of Europeans are Mentally Ill

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    I frequently have insomnia.

    I'm also known to wake up with an erection. WTF is up with that?
  3. the figure is probably similar for US.
    Muslims will flood Europe, China will overtake U.S. in 15 to 30years from now.

    Obese, mentally ill are weak and will be replaced by stronger/smarter people.

    Western culture is totally messed up by their central banking system, big pharma poisons, MTV garbage, feminism and the love of war and money.

  4. The people who did that study are saying you are neuro...

    You should go for tests . . :D .
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    A quick way to determine the number in the US is to look at a poll and see how many people classify themselves as 'liberal'. Its the same way they do it in Europe.
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    You just have Insomnerection disease. It's common among Himalayan monks and others who spend much time at high altitudes like pilots. If symptoms last for more than four hours, call your doctor and have him send over a nurse to relieve the fluid buildup (or you could do it yourself manually). :D
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    It's probably worse in the US than Europe. My understanding is that the food supply has more nutrition than that in the US. Americans love to eat empty calories and drink stimulants and be so happy that they got 99cents off...

    Try supplementing Phosphatidylserine for a few days and see if your thinking doesn't become more 'comprehensive" [I don't know how to describe it other than that], try supplementing Omega3 [get the stuff that does not come polluted with mercury of course] for a few months and see if depression and allergies aren't a thing of the past... Omega3 was abundant when we ate range fed beef, chickens, eggs, etc.. now it's nearly gone from our diet and it's terribly essential..
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    Excercise. If you can't jog or run try a high-end spinner. I've got a Lemond Revmaster and it is amazing. I hate Greg Lemond so you know it has to be good for me to plop down that kind of coin for something made by that idiot. I like it because it is so sturdy that I can stand up and hammer like I would climb on my road bike. Its my secret weapon. Thirty minutes a day and you will sleep through the night. It isn't, however, very good for losing weight but you will get strong as hell. Don't bother with the heart-rate monitor accessories just keep the revs above 80 rpm and stand up every 10 minutes and do 100-150 stroke "climbs". Mine is fitted with the same speedplay pedals as my road-bike so I can use my road-shoes which is necessary for really hammering at high loads. I understand that you are frequently out of town so you just have to walk/run/jog in those locations.

    Btw, insomnia isn't mental illness.

    LOL! That just means you are a Morning Man. I've never met a woman in my life that objected to being woken up from a deep sleep and schtuped somewhat abruptly. Not one lol.
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    So anxiety is now a mental illness? No wonder so many people are mentally ill -- they keep expanding the definition.

    Arguably any European aware of the condition of European banks and the sovereign bond market should be highly anxious.
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