Nearly 2000 Robinhood accounts hacked

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  1. Nearly 2000 accounts of the trading app Robinhood have been hacked to an admission issued by them, downplaying the number as “limited”. The platform itself was not targeted directly.

    Personal e-mails of the app users have been compromised and hackers gained access to the accounts through those e-mails.

    Robinhood issued a statement:

    “We always respond to customers reporting fraudulent or suspicious activity and work as quickly as possible to complete investigations. The security of Robinhood customer accounts is a top priority and something we take very seriously,"

    The app also noted that users should enable two-factor authentication on their accounts and that when a customer notifies them of a otential breach on an account they restrict said account, investigate the unauthorized access, log the user out on all devices and request for a password reset.

    Further reports, however, also note that some of the breached accounts did have two-factor authentication.

    Robinhood has millions of users and compared to that 2000 accounts are, indeed, a limited number, but in on itself that is not an insignificant number at all.
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