Near Metor - Meteor Hits Earth - Russian Nuke Bombers

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jem, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. jem


    We had a big Meteor fly by, we just got hit by a smaller meteor in Russia and a few days ago Russian Bombers armed with nukes circled Guam.


    Are any of these related?

    Why do I rarely trust the the media to give us the real explanation and unusual things happen?

    North Korea missles?
  2. pspr


    How could these be related? Unless...... They are signs of the End Times! :D
  3. jem


    My guess at a scenario. I am not saying this happened.

    The larger Meteor that just missed was getting uncomfortably close.
    As we prepared to shoot at it we warned the Russians but they flew over Guam just to make sure we were not screwing around.

    We launched... hit the larger meteor... chopped off a piece of it and by coincidence it landed in Russia.

    Otherwise how did meteor land on earth by surprise?
  4. pspr


    One 'scientist' on TV this afternoon said the meteor in Russia came from a different direction. Hitting today was just a coincidink. It was small enough that nobody knew about the Russian meteor until it hit. Believe it or not. If another one hits tomorrow we'll know something is up. :D