Neanderthals were not Human Ancestors

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  1. So are you saying this disproves evolution? Your point is not clear. There were at one time, I believe, about a dozen distinct hominid species, the only of which to survive being our ancestors.
  2. It shoots a wide gapping hole in macro-evolution.
  3. How?
  4. BTW, the harping on "macro" versus "micro" evolution is nonsensical. The same mechanisms control all levels of evolution.
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  6. OK, if that wasn't clear: How, pray tell, does that fact that humans are not descended from neanderthals (a fact not in much dispute, btw) "blow a gaping hole in macro-evolution[sic]"?
  7. The idea that Neanderthals were a separate species contemporaneous with early homo sapiens is old news.

    It has no implications for fundamentals of evolution.

    The question is why and how did the Neanderthals die out some 30,000 years ago?

  8. My personal theory is they argued for evolution against a bunch of creationist and all club themselves to death rather than listen to another harebrained hypothesis.
  9. no, I agree - I was echoing your question...

    that homo sapiens did not evolve from neanderthals does not imply that they did not evolve from non-neanderthals.
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