Neale whining about bloggers now?

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    ...this guy is just a smug, arrogant arse who probably got beat up on the playground every day for his lunch money and then ran home expecting mommy to go beat up the bullies for him. How CNBC can run him as 'serious' journo is beyond me; he comes across as a younger version of Larry Kudlow -- just more whiny. Oh, right -- it's his tripe that gets folks like us talking about it, which they view as publicity for the network.....after all, all press is good press, right? Ugh.

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    Television is a place of maturity and thought. The blogosphere is a place of “dickweeds.”

    That’s according to CNBC host Dennis Kneale, who’s declared the recession over, and who went postal on critical financial bloggers Tuesday.

    A livid Kneale described bloggers he alleges have dubbed him “irritating,” “unwatchable,” “Beaker,” “super dipshit” and “clueless” and purportedly compare his show to a Saturday Night Live skit. Some of it, he says, is funny.

    “Less funny,” he said sharply, “was comparing me to a 350-pound woman in a thong bikini on the beach.”

    His response?

    “That was no comedy sketch. That was hope and fortitude, you digital dickweed.”

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  2. Thanks, Dennis, you dumbass!!!!!!!!!! At least Beaker is smarter than to tell his audience to go bargain hunting for stocks in 2007 just before the biggest equity crash since 1929!!!!!!


    Hey Dennis, here's some Vag medicine to help with your discomfort!


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    Why watch all that s^-t?
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    I don't --- it was something on CNBC that was posted to one of the non-financial blogs that I follow that piqued my curiosity. So I watched it, and was reminded of why I DON'T watch CNBC anymore!!
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    +1 :D
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    All these shows are more like sitcoms, they should have laugh tracks... I like it when somebody posts video of when somebody like Peter Schiff was right about the housing bubble and the shows had other guests that were laughing at him.... Such experts we have, few of them ever get ANYTHING right really, like fund managers that can't beat the indexes, all amateurs, all day, every day, 24/7/365.. The leaders of the dumb money, they really do need laugh tracks...
  7. So that douchebag Neale invites a blogger to come on and "defend his views". After a 3+ minute rant by Neale, the blogger starts to defend his points. Less than 30 seconds later, Neale just cuts him off and says "you have no facts" and the conversation is over.

    WTF kind of bullshit is that?

    I always thought Neale was a worthless ball licker, but his show is a new low.
  8. I think this is the bottom line with Neale.

    It's not that he's ugly or highly annoying but that he has shit for brains.

    He has nothing intelligent to say.

    Shit for Brains.
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    Dunno why anybody is surprised. CNBC crossed the line from informative news to entertainment long ago. This loser is so desperate for ratings that he dreamed up the idea of taking on the bloggers so he could get some blogpress.
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