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NDX will correct within 3-4 days

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. trend is your friend

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  4. great contrarian opportunity

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  1. within 2-3 days of a top > correction imminent! JMHO

    Now where the H have we heard that before?!!!!!

    Buying Jan or Dec 190p and Dec 175P


  2. Mvic


    Good luck, you will need it.
  3. No way are people going to commit one way or another before seeing the sales numbers from "Black Friday" and internet sales from the holiday weekend. This is a holiday week and likely to be dull.

    Next week could get powered up or down depending on the sales numbers.
  4. another brave ET short throws himself on the pyre

    the top will come the evening there are no 'top' threads, although Ice I think you know your game.

    Not concerned about the VIX? Couldn't it hyperextend lower and produce a massive price move up. (Of course the opposite move could occur :eek: ) Time to watch the VIX intraday...
  5. guys I hate to be a dead bear here but I have to short ES

    volume is declining, vix is just screaming low, tomorrow is down for sure

    take a look at intraday, bulls tried but couldn't really keep the ship floating, the way they would like to
  6. YEP it's tough to ever see market going lower again. WOW >>> how many times have i heard/felt that way over the past 16 years ! But i agree it certainly doesnt look like a top! Doesn't smell like a top. Market is strong and public is coming back in. Risk/reward in shorting seems high. Reminds me of that line from Patton when he says (paraphrased)

    "the Germans never mounted a winter offensive in their history... so I think that is exactly what they are going to do"!!!

    So let see what happens.

  7. There could for sure be more upside culminating with a blowoff top/key reversal. That being said ... and given your comments, would you tomorrow buy size in NDX calls? If not>> why not ?

    I have not ruled out adding long lookng for a final wave higher!

  8. S2007S


    I forgot I thought XMAS was about giving and sharing....

    wait a second.....no its not..... its about the numbers and seeing if every retail will make their bottom line. Every year they always question if this years sales will be better than last years and guess what, sales are always better year over year. .....PATHETICCCCCCC..This is when retailers make 30-40% of their annual sales....without this holiday where will these great big retailers like WMT, BBY, AEOS, SPLS, LOW, TGT, ANF, TIF, JWN, KSS ETC ETC make their money....

    watch cnbc now through the end of the holidays, watch the hype and the crazy people waiting in line at 4am to buy a dvd player for 15 bucks or a computer for $399....its truly sad.
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    by the way the NUMBER TO BEAT this year is:

    drum roll please:


    2005 3 days after thanksgiving figure.

    my predicition is ????????
  10. what is this action? the players are bored and gap it lower???! Ok the gap fills --- now what ? sure hard to make an argument for shorting anything! but what is upside reward?!! who knows maybe more than expected.

    a quiet market ---- empirically/anecdotally not good for shorts!
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