NDX is insane!!!

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  1. I am not involved but even so I can`t help but feeling baffled :confused: ......is a parabolic move like this in an index healthy? If the chart was turned upside down would you be selling short at this point? WOW....NDX is more resilient than a cockroach.
  2. "Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent." -- John Maynard Keynes

  3. Yeah, maybe by some weird accident
    the PPT turned their charts upside down
    - and are buying like crazy all day long.
  4. AMEN.
  5. I knew the mkts were your religion.....:D
  6. More like a tick than a cockroach! If you keep trying to squish it, it keeps swelling back up!

  7. True! I should have named this thread "What creature is the NDX?"
  8. Mmm. Interesting point, hook. I've never thought about it that way. :)

    But now that you get me thinking... I think the markets are pretty universal. In fact, I think even god is nothing but a shareholder in our world economy. Who knows, he's probably got his fingers in all sorts of planets. Like a stable portfolio of blue(chip) planets, with the healthy occassional dabble in penny planets. Just like the average planet investor.

    There are probably much more successful and famous planet investors out there, much bigger than our god. They present themselves in happy-looking faces in the planet estate liftout in your local galaxy newspaper. Astute and otherwise busy deities focus on the "Investors Planet Daily", for longer-term position trades, while the full time planet traders just trade planet futures all day long, buying or selling planets, often within seconds. The futures are of course derivatives of the PlanetEX5000, underlying the 5,000 most important planets out there.

    I don't know. Are markets a religion? Does god trade? And if so, how often does he trade?

    Many many questions and no answers... God? Any suggestions?
    I think god should join ET and help us out a bit, not least for the sake of those that say "there is no go" ... :D

  9. OK..pass that blotter acid over here!

    I don't think the creator invests...but it most def speculates. Or maybe it is big into venture capitol..thats it right there. God has been pumping "seed money" into earth for how many billions of years? What kind of return is it guaranteed? None..in fact Earth is a penny planet. No earnings..and nothing but risk. Inhabited by a being that is destructive and so far out of harmony with its environment it is surely doomed to bankruptcy without major change. Happy days! :D
  10. Did I just "call" the top!!! ROFLMAO....
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