NCAA Hoops Play 12/2

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  1. Tulsa vs. OSU will be my biggest NCAA play so far this young year.

    Jerome Jordan (TU) will not have an easy time with Pilgrim and Moses down low. Those guys are battle tested vs the Big 12 big men and wont shy away from a lanky Conference USA 7 footer.

    Ben Uzoh (TU) will not have an easy time with Muonelo on either end of the floor. Uzoh will be a beast during the CUSA regular season but he is playing a well coached Big 12 team that is on fire right now.

    The biggest two factors for OSU will be the following:

    James Anderson - He is the third-leading returning scorer in the Big 12 Conference behind Iowa State's Craig Brackins and Sherron Collins of Kansas. He is a BEAST. TU has no one that can come close to slowing this guy down. (Averaging 22.2 per game so far this year.)

    Ray Penn - True Freshman Guard. He has been playing exceptional basketball, for a freshman, in the first 6 games of the season. He has caught on very quickly to Ford's system and has had extensive playing time in the early part of this season. His shooting is a concern, if he shoots well this game will be a blowout. If he doesnt it will be closer.

    TU has height and senior experience.

    OSU has speed, talent, and coaching.

    Gimme the Pokes +2.5 for all the marbles.