NBC/WSJ Poll: Obama More Bipartisan

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  1. http://www.cnbc.com/id/100497011?__source=yahoo|headline|other|text|&par=yahoo

    NBC/WSJ Poll: Obama More Bipartisan Ahead of Budget Cuts Deadline

    President Barack Obama approaches Friday's budget deadline with a far stronger reputation than Republicans for seeking bipartisan unity, a new NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll has found.

    The survey shows that 48 percent of Americans credit Obama with emphasizing unifying themes, compared with 43 percent who say he takes a partisan approach "that does not unify the country." By contrast, Americans by 3-1 say the Republican Party takes a partisan approach (64 percent) rather than a unifying one (22 percent).
  2. Nice to see that the majority of people aren't drinking the red kool aid about Obama being a far right leftest unwilling to compromise.
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    Max E.

    Have another drink joe.
  4. Nice,waited exactly 30 minutes so I couldn't edit :)
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    Shows patience intelligence and cunning on his part.
  6. This poll and others indicate republicans are going to take the blame for the pain felt by the sequester cuts .
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    Of course they are, despite the fact it was Obama's idea. Facts mean little anymore when over half the country is made up of parasites welfare queens and their bleeding heart cheerleaders.
  8. Only proving how completely uninformed most Americans are. Be careful what you wish for. Soon enough the dems will own the entire store. Who they gonna' blame then?
  9. credit Obama with emphasizing unifying themes,

    Unifying themes huh.

    EBT cards for everyone.

  10. When Dems run the entire store things will improve.Its better then having the republicans run it imo.Last time they did we got the bush tax cuts,2 unpaid for wars,unpaid for medicare expansion,TSA,Department of Homeland Security etc
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