NBC: Sestak was approached by Clinton for job

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  1. What did Obama know, and when did he know it.

    NBC: Sestak was approached by Clinton for job
    Sestak reportedly offered a prominent, but unpaid, advisory position

    WASHINGTON - Former President Bill Clinton was enlisted by the White House to speak with a Pennsylvania lawmaker about dropping his primary challenge against Sen. Arlen Specter in exchange for a job, NBC News reported Friday.

    At the suggestion of White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, Clinton was dispatched last summer to gauge Sestak's "commitment" to the Senate run against the White House-backed incumbent.

    According to sources, no compensated position was directly offered, although exactly what was said during Clinton's conversations with Sestak is still unclear.
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    Sestak remained in the race, going on to defeat Specter in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary last week. Specter, facing a tough GOP primary challenge, switched parties in April 2009.

    One appointment reportedly discussed was a spot on the president's Intelligence Advisory Board, according to The New York Times, but officials nixed the idea because Sestak would not have been able to serve on the panel while retaining his seat in Congress.

    Members of both parties have urged the White House to disclose details of Sestak's conversations with administration officials, and some Republicans — arguing that such actions could have constituted a crime — have requested that the Justice Department appoint a special prosecutor to look into the matter.

    Obama said on Thursday that "nothing improper" happened in the case. He added that his administration would provide a full accounting shortly but declined to elaborate.

    Sources say that the White House counsel's office plans to release a report on the White House's role in the matter shortly. All parties are cooperating with the report, including Sestak himself.

    NBC's Chuck Todd contributed to this report.

  2. Slick Willy has a new title...House Honky Bill. House Honky Joe ain't happy being pushed aside.
    On a more serious note, what a crock of shit this is. So this is the open, honest, transparent, new way of doing things Obama has promised. How can you lefties even show your face? You been punked, bitches.
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    Impeachment proceeding for Obama should begin immedietely.
  4. Yannis


    And then Clinton will show him how to beat Congress and Special Investigators to submission, survive impeachment and disbarment and go on to make $millions off the whole theatrical experience, right? :D
  5. What law did Barry break?

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    lol yes but it will all come down to the definition of "job" :D
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    Clinton will show him how not to "blow" it :D
  8. He broke the only law that really matters. He violated the public trust. He promised to be different, said he would usher in a new age of an open and honest government. Instead he has proven to be a low down lying scumbag like all the rest. Another carnival barker at the political tent. All at a time when this nation really needs a leader they can trust, and all we have is some shuck and jive southside punk.
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    The New York Times revealed this afternoon that anonymous sources have informed it that Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel asked former President Bill Clinton to offer Congressman Joe Sestak a high but unpaid advisory post in the Administration if he would drop out of the Senate race against Senator Arlen Specter. One post mentioned was service on the President's Intelligence Advisory Board.

    The idea was to immunize Obama and Rahm from possible criminal prosecution by using Clinton, not a government employee, as a cut out and to keep the offer to an unpaid job in hopes of not running afoul of the federal bribery statute.

    But these evasions will not blunt the force of the law. If Clinton acted at Emanuel's request, he was Rahm's agent and the Chief of Staff is still on the hook. And, an unpaid position is still "something of value" within the meaning of the bribery statute which prohibits the offering of something of value in return for a vote.

    And, remember why they wanted Sestak out of the race. The White House needed Specter's vote to kill filibusters and could only get it if he would switch parties, a move he conditioned on getting Sestak to drop out and assure him a clear field for the nomination of his new party. So the bribe offer to Sestak was made by an agent of a government employee, it involved something of value, and it was to procure a vote in the Senate -- all the elements needed for a felony to have taken place.

    In a previous column (read it at DickMorris.com) Dick and Fox News Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano suggest that Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett, now the Republican nominee for Governor, should empanel a grand jury to get to the bottom of this affair. Today's revelation makes this ever more urgent."
  10. Excuse me if I discount your opinion just slightly. You were calling Barry's presidency a failure after 15 days in office.

    Again my question remains. What has Barry done?

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