NBC News/WSJ poll shows Obama leading in three swing states

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    But barely. They are right on the margin of error: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/obama-leads-romney-three-swing-065350977.html

    You guys who are claiming an Obama win are full of crapola. You guys who are claiming a Romney win are full of crapola.

    This fucking thing is going to end up in a courtroom.

    Anybody in those swing states: What are you seeing and hearing for campaign ads on television and radio? Is Romney attacking on "you didn't build that" and on Benghazi? He'd better be on the offensive or he's going to lose this thing.
  2. romney has a problem. all of the stories about him are about how dishonest he is.either its about how he was dishonest on his taxes or how his adds are dishonest or how he flip flops to whatever he feels at the moment. first he wants to kill fema and now he likes it.

    Historians: Romney Makes Nixon Look Like An Open Book

    Because he’s refused to release more than two years of tax returns, and has rooted his entire campaign in tax, spending, and economic growth plans that lack critical details and defy logical scrutiny, Mitt Romney’s critics, starting with senior Obama advisers, have assailed him as the least transparent candidate since Richard Nixon
    It’s a catchy attack — one that recalls not just Nixon’s candidacies, but his scandal-plagued presidency and ignominious resignation. Which is no doubt why “least transparent candidate since Nixon” has become one of Chicago’s favorite phrases.

    But setting aside the Obama campaign’s partisan desire to make voters think of Watergate when they hear the name Mitt Romney, there’s something to the notion that Romney is unusually opaque compared to presidential candidates in the modern era, according to some presidential historians.

    “I think the comparison to Nixon is not a very good one, because … Nixon may have been a shadier character in some respects — the Southern strategy, laundering campaign money — but he abided by the norms of the time in terms of disclosure,” said Norm Ornstein, a political scientist at the American Enterprise Institute.
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    Tsing Tao

    Would like to see the sampling. A lot of these polls keep using the 2008 ratios, which is in dream land.

    Regardless, I certainly agree, and have been saying all along that there is no done deal in any of this.
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  5. Obama makes Nixon look like an open book when it comes to Benghazi. Let's see, which is more important to me? Should Romney pay more in taxes, or should a Commander in Chief do everything in his power to save American lives when they are in peril? Anyone who must take more than a second to answer should lose their right to vote.
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    The story you quote has very little useful data about the poll. That is to be expected when quoting a story reposted from BSNBC. But if you look it up you find those polls are also skewed to Obama. Romney still has substantial leads among independents and I think you will find this will carry him to victory in many of the swing states.

    In Wisconsin, 34% of likely voters identified themselves as Democrats, 29% as Republicans and 37% as independent or other. In Iowa, 34% of likely voters identified themselves as Democrats, 31% as Republicans and 34% as independent. In New Hampshire, 27% of likely voters identified themselves as Democrats, 26% as Republicans and 48% as independent or other.

    (In New Hampshire for instance) The Republican nominee now leads among independents, 47% to 36%, after lagging by an even wider margin in September.

  7. Something strange is going on. Odds on Obama, not only on Intrade but every betting site has shortened dramatically portending an Obama landslide. Yet, the polls show early voters are favoring Romney and the race is not all that close. Truly Bizarre. We can only conclude that someone out there is seriously delusional.
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    Or martial law is going to be announced on Monday and the election cancelled. :mad:
  9. Serious question, I looked. Do you have links to sources showing Romney winning in early voting?
  10. Now you're talking. If "God" couldn't fix it with the Storm, then we'll do it with Martial Law.
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