NBC major cuts coming. Which CNBC employees should go? Who should stay?

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  1. Which on-air employees should CNBC fire & who should they definitely keep?

    I say dump the whole powerlunch. I haven't made a trade off that show in years. All the rest of the shows are actionable.

    The damn powerlunch ego-fest & that stupid new theme song with the anchors & anchorettes walking around the studio in slow motion with phony smiles is sickening.

  2. See you in the souplines suckers.
  3. Power Lunch is CNBC's version of The View. :D
  4. Kudlow <---- first to go , PLEASE
  5. weld1


    it still amazes me ... how could this network not be embarrassed by some of these people and the things they say. to let this go on this long and this far is a shame...pitiful. i can't watch it anymore.
  6. erin slutbag burnett
  7. Maria. Should have left in 2001.
    next: Maria- wannabes
  8. SITH


    This clown wants Kudlow to go because he disagrees with his opinions...
    What a huge mistake- Larry Kudlow is one of the FEW members of the on-air staff who's had any real world financial experience. Don't get rid of him because you don't like what he has to say. He was, at one time, an economist on the Street. Rick Santelli spent many years trading in the Chicago pits. Joe Kernan was a stockbroker. If they must cut people, cut the lifelong journalists (Liesman, Bartiromo, Faber) who haven't had a day's worth of real-time experience in the markets.
  9. Keep the money honeys.

    Fire the rest.
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