NBC has an Erin Burnett problem

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    To quote the lead... Thats got a lot of tracking around the newsrooms today.... :)

    "This Sunday's Meet The Press made something absolutely clear: Journalists who are "embedded" on Wall Street and depend on Wall Street execs for access on a day-to-day basis are ridiculously unqualified to give the public good information about the economic crisis...."

  2. I never knew she was the new Maria. She does look pretty silly.
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    Ratigan on other hand is a freakin beast. He is takin on the bankers every night hard
  5. Watched her on Meet The Press.

    Not sure what she was saying - that a "superstar" in a Wall Street company that is effectively bankrupt is owed money for his performance?

    If the company is bankrupt, it is bankrupt - he should talk to his boss if he is unhappy with no bonus.

    If the boss is the guy who blew-up the company, then he deserves to lose the guy anyway for being stupid.
  6. Every time Burnett finishes all the questions and actually analyzes what the guys said it's amazing that shes on tv.

    Actually she can't even analyze what they said. All she can barely do is summarize. Most of the time when she tries you can just look at her and can tell she has no idea what she is talking about.

    Just watch when she actually tries to say something informative. She puts her head down and mumbles some vague thought.

  7. +1
  8. Who watches or listens to these bimbos?
  9. The other day, she was supposed to say, "Emeritus". She said, "ee mit air us".

    she just isn't ready. Melissa Lee has it all over her. Problem w/CNBC are these dreadful personalities.

    But they move stocks. And I trade stocks.

    I do have a Betty Liu thing going though.
  10. She's obviously trying to make an unpopular point.

    CNBC (Bubble vision) has a Gasparino, Kudlow, Power Lunch problem (Feel free to add your least fav reporter to the list)

    From a trader's perspective it's still a very sad case on wall st. I personally think they are too disjointed from reality. How you can justify paying any kind of money for bonus in this environment is way beyond my understanding.

    As for CNBC, I have lost hope for them. Their argument for any side of a story they take seems to be put together by a 5 yr old. They talk over guests, blatantly display bias.

    I always yell at my TV whenever GAS-Pipe is on the air with one of his story from his "Wall st sources"

    Kudlow is another idiot that found his way into the TV business

    As for Ratigan, he needs to stop using the word "Context"... it's killing me. And he needs to leave policy making/evaluation to those who truly understand the matter.
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