NBA: Will the Heat repeat + Other Thoughts

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  1. Or are they now just the 2nd best team in Florida?

    The spanking they received by the Bulls after getting their rings was just ridiculous! I thought the Bulls were looking great, then the next game they got their asses handed to them by Orlando (D Howard, BABY! And G Hill was lookin' SHARP!).

    A healthy T-Mac and Yao playing together didn't result in a win (uh-oh).

    Giving a technical to players that talk back has already resulted in ejections of players critical to their teams' success - Carmelo, Rasheed, Bibby - all of those teams lost.

    So what are your thoughts on this new season? Who's gonna bring home the trophy next June?
  2. I think Houston makes a run in the West. It's a long season, and let's face T-Mac is the best player in the league.
  3. If T-Mac and Yao stay healthy, and Battier plays his usual D and nails 3-pointers, and some of their additions pan out, they should make the playoffs.

    As for T-Mac being the best player in the league, I have to disagree, and strongly.

    He's not even the best offensive player and his D is nothing to brag about, certainly not All-Star caliber.

    As much as I dislike him, I think Kobe is the best all-around individual player because he not only is a top scorer but plays tenacious D. Gotta do both to be considered as "best player" IMO.
  4. I don't think McGrady has performed the best. Yeah Kobe has proven himself, especially on the defensive side, as compared to T-Mac and some of the other gifted players.

    I think T-Mac still has the most potential though. His defense can improve if he get's hungry. He's 27 years old, twilight in the NBA, but still very young. Just now growing into his own.


    I watch T-Mac play every night ... Kobe is better, by far, even before he hurt his back.

  6. Going with the home team here and the Cleveland Cavaliers finally have a competitive basketball team. Right now, they are beating the Spurs and look like they will win this road game. That's an impressive road win so early in the season.
  7. Agreed that was an impressive win!

    As much as I hate 'em, the Lakers are looking very, very good too. 3-0, won first two games without Kobe, Odom really stepping up, Andrew Bynum proving he can bang and they're also without Kwame Brown.

    Utah Jazz looking good too with a healthy frontcourt and Derek Fisher coming off the bench.

    Then you've got the Suns, a lot of peoples' pick to win it all, stumbling out of the gate.

    About the only certainties this year appear to be that Charlotte, Boston, and Portland will suck. Atlanta, too, although they're showing they've got heartbeats.
  8. fhl


    Shaq has not produced in the regular season for ten years. He always waits till playoff run. That said, he's getting old. Kobe and Tmac don't have the quality around them. I don't buy into Yao. Looks very balanced among the top six or eight teams to me. I'm just happy the knicks will continue to stink. :D
  9. League looks very balanced. It will be crucial for teams to show up every night and play tenaciously, which goes to team character and coaching. Have to like Suns, Spurs and Mav's. Cav's had an impressive win in SA but I don't think they can hang with the top uptempo teams like the Suns. I love to watch the Nets. Their three great players are getting some age on them though.

    Of the up and coming teams, I am impressed by the Bulls. Real tough, hard-nosed team that went out and added the league's toughest player. Gulp.
  10. Yeah, but that toughest player got schooled by Dwight Howard and is a liability on offense and crunch-time free-throw shooting.

    The Bulls are 1-2. Not an auspicious start from a supposed Eastern Conference contender.
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