NBA Ref's new book - Tim is a friend of mine

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jem, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. jem


    Tim Donaghy said it should be on amazon later today.

    I read parts of this book before it was published.

    It should be a very good and very interesting read.

    You will not look at pro sports the same way again. (at least I couldn't. )
  2. jem


    will be on 60 minutes this evening.
  3. fhl


    I enjoyed the interview and a lot of what he said rang true to me.

    Various article I've read the last couple of days about him and his book are attempting to rip him and his book to shreads. What else are they gonna write if they want to use nba sources in the future?

    These writers try to make it look like his notion that a ref not liking a player won't work to bet point spreads. Of course that was only one criteria Tim used to decide, much as a trader wouldn't normally trade based on just one indicator.

    I have no problem believing that an nba ref could bet point spreads and win three quarters of the time.
  4. Only remoted related but, I've never seen a bigger crybaby than Lebron ...well maybe Kevin McHale. Watched the game last night where they went into ot against Memphis. He's allowed to walk, charge gets foul calls where there arent. Pathetic, spaz plays out of control half the time too.