NBA Playoffs

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Are these the best NBA playoffs in a very long time?

  1. Yes, without a doubt. I'm glued!

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  2. About the same. I'll watch occasionally if at all.

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  3. Worse than ever. I choose to watch badminton.

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  1. Lakers come back from 20 points down tonight. 2nd biggest comeback in playoff history....Good grief, that has to be disheartening for the Spurs!!

    Can the Celtics overcome the Pistons? I was pretty surprised Detroit didn't take Game 1.

    All in all I think this year's playoffs have been the most exciting in a long time. Several Game 7's already, the Hornets showing they will be a force to be reckoned with for a long time, the Magic making some noise, etc.

    I think this is the year where it has become obvious that the guard is changing. Kidd, Dirk, Nash, Shaq et al on the down slope and Paul, LBJ, Howard, and Co. rising up.

    So it's been good thus far, but having said that, if it's Spurs v.s. Detroit in the Finals, I ain't watching. Talk about a snoozefest that one would be....
  2. Been kind of interesting.

    At times when lebron or cp are in their groove, it's been fun.

    Don't think it's been nearly as good as the old lakers-celtics or bulls run.

    To me it just seems to lack some of the pizzaz of the past. Too many of the remaining teams could be described as dull, I think.

  3. Boston lose at home for the first time in the playoffs, giving Detroit the home field advantage.

    Boston is 0-6 on the road during these playoffs. Doesn't look good for the Celtics. Garnett is going to have to prove he is worthy of the big money and the accolades. No more excuses.

    I repeat: a Detroit - Spurs final would be a snoozefest. It has to be LA-Boston for the NBA to get decent ratings.
  4. AND BOSTON WINS IN DETROIT, regaining the home-court advantage!!

    Wow, maybe the C's have more gumption than I gave them credit for. I predict Detroit will bounce back in a big way in Game 4 at home, but hopefully I'm wrong.

    Lakers-Celtics Finals. Fingers crossed.
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    If san anton gets down one more game, look for cheap shot bob to put kobe in his scopes.
  6. Back in the day, the survey would have been jumpin'. Now, it's much adue about nothing. The NBA is looming for a slow, painful death. It will bounce along for a few more years just from the sheer mass of money on the court. But the game, is no longer the game.

    Loose rule implementation once again is dooming the beast. I watched last week and saw a three-and-a-half step dunk accomplished. The celebratory chest-thumping afterwards just amazes me still. And it's not a jealousy thing as at 5'-10" and in my late forties, I can still do it. During the game! And without three steps either.

    As a partipant in the game from way back, I just hang my head. The cup dribble is deadening! I set a pick on a guy last time I played and the guy on my team waited on the defender to recover so he could take him to the hole. I'm just through. Too much trash talking, not enough class... :(
  7. I'm with you. The NBA is one step above professional wrestling. One set of rules for super stars, another for everyone else. One set of rules for home teams, particularly big market teams, another set for visiting teams. How can anyone take it seriously?
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    The LAKERS clearly have the most talent of any team left in the 2008 Playoffs. The SPURS are just so old and slow especially the bench with players like R. Horry, M. Finley and one of the Barry brothers.

    How the hell does one player get 21 boards in one game, the SPURS have no one else that can rebound or even attempt to try. I give the SPURS credit the fact they have been the best NBA team the last 5 years goes to show how great big T. Duncan is. The year however K. Bryant clearly the best player in the league with my guy from Cleveland L. James coming on strong.

    Looking for the LAKERS to pull the upset tonight over the SPURS in game 4 and then return home to end the series at home in game 5.
  9. Well you got your wish.

    I don't think Boston or Detroit will fare well against LA at this point. That being said, should Boston make it, Garnett will have to be at the top of his game the whole series for them to have a chance. You know Kobe will be, and Boston just doesn't match up well with the Lakers at all.

  10. Yeah, I think Boston will be outmatched, too. With Garnett, you'll almost always get good play, but if Ray Allen doesn't start heating up, it's curtains for sure for the Celts.
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