Nba Playoff Time

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  1. ElCubano


    Can the heat repeat?? Will Dallas not disapoint this year?? or will duncan get thrown out of another game...:D

    can the usual suspects please make some know who you are... and yes longshot we know you hate bball but we'd still like you to make ur prediction...

    Im going with me heart like always....GO HEAT
  2. fhl


    Anyone but Mavs. Watching Cuban get trophy, make speech, etc., would be intolerable. :D
  3. I'd like to see Nuggets and the Heat in the finals. I'm a heat fan but it'd be nice to see AI win a championship. He carried his team a few years ago when the lakers beat them in the finals.
  4. Would it be tolerable watching them embarrassed in 1st round by Golden St ? GS has a better starting line-up and has not lost to Dallas this year. Look for the huge 1st round upset here .:D.:D

    But in the end:

    Phoenix vs Detroit

    Phoenix wins!
  5. fhl


    Quite tolerable. In fact, I enjoyed the heck out of it last night. :)
  6. I predict the MAGIC will not lose another game and will roll to their first title with TM in tow!!:D

    Im gonna go with ...DETROIT...but only because D-wade is hurt...

    I think in a full 7 game series they beat up on a W. Conf. team.
  7. ElCubano


    the heat did ok considering shaq only played 27 minutes...if we can get him to play 35 minutes without fouling out...we should cruise into the second round...chicago has a very good team im not taking anything away from them,....but with 35 minutes of shaq it will be hard for them....
  8. Anyone but the Nuggets. Total thug, gansta rap hip hop collection of losers. I don't envy Geroge Karl having to coach this bunch.
  9. Nordic


    Agreed, The Bulls are "sneaky good". If they can get by Shaq and Miami .....who knows??
  10. fhl


    Mav's dirty tricks:

    The Dallas Morning News' Mavs blog:

    Talk about being rude hosts: the AAC had the heat on full blast in the visitors locker room! Now I know the visitors aren't supposed to be comfortable, but this was ridiculous.

    One writer and a Golden State manager were talking, and the writer said, "Why don't they just throw broken glass all over the floor, too." That's actually not a bad idea if the Spurs come to town. But needless to say, they found the thermostat and quickly got the AC running.
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